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Thread: Mt Graham - Coronado NF - Safford

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    Mt Graham - Coronado NF - Safford

    Anyone been up there lately ?

    I was up there probably 15 years ago and camped at Riggs Flat (lake), 8600 feet.

    Currently no fire restirictions -

    Thinking of making a trip to the mountains that aren't on fire...........

    Any tips ?
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    We are going up over the holiday weekend. Leaving on the 20th. Will
    Let you know.
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    I haven't been up there for about 5 years, always nice though...

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    Re: Mt Graham - Coronado NF - Safford

    We went up there about 3 or 4 years ago. I didn't like the Riggs lake campground. The locals showed up on Saturday and blared heavy metal all day. We packed up and dispersed camped down the road. The hiking trails were overgrown in a lot of places from the fire, but were nice. If you like campgrounds, there was one about half way to riggs lake, don't remember the name. But it formed a sort of loop with a meadow in the middle and looked real nice. At the back of the loop, there was an offshoot that had some smaller, more remote spots. We were in our car, so we couldn't get all the way back, but it was nice. The ones up front were closer to the bathrooms.

    When we were there, it was pretty wet and we had a hard time getting a fire going and keeping it going.

    Also, it was a longer drive than I anticipated. To get from Mesa to Riggs Lake was close to 6 hrs since the road up in the mountains turns to dirt after you reach the top.
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