Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement for a new Forest Planning Rule.

Some text in this worries me:
Plan Amendments:

The proposed rule would provide that
the responsible official could amend
plans or change the plan at any time.

Plan amendments would be required
whenever a plan component would be
materially altered (clerical errors could
be corrected by an administrative
change). Plan amendments may change
other content in the plan. The process
requirements for plan amendments and
administrative changes would be
simpler than those for new plan
development or plan revisions in order
to allow responsible officials to keep
plans current and adapt to new
information or changed conditions.
Does that say that the forest Manager could make any change because HE feels it's necessary?

For example, an addition
of lands to an existing wilderness
boundary would call for simply
extending the wilderness plan
components to the newly included
lands, as there would be no reason to
manage those lands differently from the
rest of the wilderness.
the power to red ink lands bordering wilderness?? all is a fifty page document full of rules that will have a serious impact on our forests

A final Rule and Record of Decision will be issued in about 30 days. If you haven't visited it already, you can learn more about the USFS Planning Rule Process at our dedicated Planning Rule Webpage: