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Thread: Forest Planning Rule - Send Those Comments!!!

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    Forest Planning Rule - Send Those Comments!!!

    Yes its another thread on the subject, the other one kind of deviated into a discussion on the state of the current goverment - BAD!!

    Check this out and AT LEAST send some of the canned comments. Better yet, put your personal views in there. I read through the BRC's comments and built my own from that. Remember that 1000 form letters only count as one letter, no matter how many they get. Every personalized letter is worth 100 Eco Goup canned responses.

    Reading through these comments, we are really in for it. Its specifically written in obscurities and broad terms which will leave the actual interpretation to the Forest Service and the lawyers. Even if it goes to court, the eco's have more money than us, so we already lose. Send those comments and put some effort forth now or you may have to shell a lot of money later to keep your trails

    A short list of trails on our National Forest - want to keep them?

    Pyette Draw
    The Coves
    Bulldog Canyon
    Willow Springs
    Mud Springs
    Sunflower Loop
    Log Corral
    Red Creek
    Sheeps Bridge
    All of Sycamore
    All of Sedona
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    Re: Forest Planning Rule - Send Those Comments!!!


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    Re: Forest Planning Rule - Send Those Comments!!!

    Sent as well. Thanks
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    Re: Forest Planning Rule - Send Those Comments!!!

    Letter sent hope that we can make a difference.
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    Re: Forest Planning Rule - Send Those Comments!!!

    Sent, thanks Brian.
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    Re: Forest Planning Rule - Send Those Comments!!!

    Added to my letter

    Though some abuse the privilege, it is my observation that as many cherish the beauty of the wild and strive to clean that left by others. In the years since the Four Peaks Wilderness was established, I have actually seen more trash left since vehicles are not able to travel (and remove trash?) on the already established roads. It is my opinion that the roads need to remain open so that they are accessible to ALL Americans. Conservation is not locking a masterpiece away in a closet for a select few to enjoy.
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