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Thread: Rattle Snakes are out and about NOW.

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    Rattle Snakes are out and about NOW.

    Be careful, and be sure to remind the Newbies every time you meet to go on runs.
    Read up on what you should do if someone gets bit. Get to a hospital at once, and don't panic, the best thing to do is not to get heart rate up. Do not run, stay calm, and contact medical help ASAP.
    Note: the sand washes around the Lakes will yield an abundance of these hungry critters, watch where you step!!!
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    Re: Rattle Snakes are out and about NOW.

    When you call 911 have them check to see which hospitals near you have the anti-venom. It is very expensive and not all hospitals keep it in stock.
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    Re: Rattle Snakes are out and about NOW.

    Found one at the coves today. Playground area he could have jumped right in the jeep with me if he wanted too. Since I have the doors off.
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    Re: Rattle Snakes are out and about NOW.

    yeah, bummer. snakes are out.
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    Re: Rattle Snakes are out and about NOW.

    I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday who works for APS and he said he's been seeing snakes a lot.
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