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Thread: Just had to write my representatives....

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    Just had to write my representatives....

    I've been reading too much about land use issues lately and its been driving me crazy. It really gets me worked up and puts me in a bad mood. I find that writing an email now and then calms me down. I feel as though I was making a difference. Took me all of 3 minutes and wasn't all that long either. I just put down my current thoughts and sent them off. I think if more people would do this, it would help the cause and get our side out more.

    If you put your representatives email in your contacts, its that much easier.

    PS: Anyone know of a pro-OHV outdoor company with the selection and level of gear that is offered at REI. Haven't found one yet. All the local places - Cabelas, Sportsmans, Bass Pro, etc carry really low level generic hiking/backpacking gear.
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    Re: Just had to write my representatives....

    Look online
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