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Thread: Florence Junction - Travel Management Plan - Coming Soon!!!

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    Florence Junction - Travel Management Plan - Coming Soon!!!

    Just received this email form the BLM. They should be releasing the final map of trails for the Florence Junction area. Everyone will need to get their pencils sharpened as I expect they will be closing a number of trails that we wish to keep open. We already know that Martinez Canyon is lost - not much we can do here since there are private property issues in play. Overdose is also on the chopping block. I believe we will have a comment period on this, but not sure since this is considered the FINAL map. The AZOHVC guys would know more.

    Dear interested member of the public:

    This message is to thank you for your participation in the public review and comment period on the proposed Middle Gila Canyons Transportation and Travel Management Plan (TMP) and Environmental Assessment, released for public review and comment in March 2009.

    The Bureau of Land Management has completed its analysis of comments received, and new information, and plans to release the decision record within the next week. The TMP will establish the official system of BLM roads, primitive roads and trails, and identifies actions for managing access and transportation, and related use restrictions, on approximately
    96,319 acres of public land in the planning area near Florence and
    Superior, Arizona. The decision is based on accommodating access for the
    multiple uses of public land, including OHV recreation opportunities in the area.

    This message is being sent to those who submitted comments or have been involved in developing the plan, or who have expressed an interest in this
    area. If you would like to be removed from this email group, please let
    us know by reply to this message.

    A follow-up message will be sent once the final plan and related documents are posted on the internet page set up for the project.

    Thank you,

    Brian B. Bellew
    Field Manager
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    Re: Florence Junction - Travel Management Plan - Coming Soon!!!

    Just got the notice also, can't wait to see the results.  261

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    Re: Florence Junction - Travel Management Plan - Coming Soon!!!

    I hope it comes out as good as table mesa. So much for blazin new trils
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    Re: Florence Junction - Travel Management Plan - Coming Soon!!!

    Hi Fellas, I have been wheelin in the Florence area for the last couple of years & would like to know how I can get on the e-mail list to receive this information. We are here for the winters & any help would be appreciated.
    Thank You
    Bill B.

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