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Thread: Winchester Model 12 - Value?

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    Winchester Model 12 - Value?

    This shotgun was handed down to me by my great grandfather.

    I have begun some research on it, but I am really interested in it's value. Not for sale, just to know.

    What I can tell you is this:

    16 Gauge / 26" Barrel / Full Choke / Plain, Pistol-grip stock

    Serial Number is 45XXX - I believe this gun was made in 1914...the first year for 16 gauges.

    I want to to take to a gun appraiser...but do you have any ideas of price range for a gun this old?

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    Re: Winchester Model 12 - Value?

    Try Legendary Guns @ 19 ave & 1 blk n of Camelback. Good honest people.
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    Re: Winchester Model 12 - Value?

    $300 tops
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    Re: Winchester Model 12 - Value?

    According to my Blue Book of Guns 25th edition, the 16ga is:

    $625 for 100%
    $475 for 98%
    $325 for 95%
    $295 for 90%
    $225 for 80%
    $175 for 70%
    $150 for 60%

    Serial #'s:
    1912- 5308
    1913- 32418
    1914- 79765

    So, yes, made in early 1914, which was in fact the first year for the 16 ga. Not sure what that does to the "general value" listed above...

    The 30" full choke is the most common, and it states that the shorter barrels with open choke are more valuable. The above values are for the most common 28-30" full choke with no rib.
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    Re: Winchester Model 12 - Value?

    Thanks guys.
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    Re: Winchester Model 12 - Value?

    check out gunbroker or one of the other big auction type sites, you will find the highs and lows, and it will advise of market desires for this unit. The blue book is a guideline, but far from being the bible.
    good luck with it.

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    Re: Winchester Model 12 - Value?

    Obama said its not worth anything and you need to give it to the cops to melt down so you will not shoot your eye out.
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