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Thread: pets and breakups

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    pets and breakups

    who gets the dogs after a split, she dumped me, i have a good job offer in Fl, both want the 2 labs, i take em out to tons of places wheelin, swimming, playing fetch, she always feeds em, takes em to the vet, she rarely gets them out of our small yard, they are very close to each other so splitting them isnt an option

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    Re: pets and breakups

    guess it isnt our small yard anymore but hers

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    Re: pets and breakups

    thats tough they are kids after all!
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    Re: pets and breakups

    Tough decision. Were you together when you got them or did one of you have them originally??
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    Re: pets and breakups

    Best interest of the "kids"

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    Re: pets and breakups

    when my ex wife left, she just walked out. left me with 3 cats, a chihuahua, a schnauzer and great dane. i got the house, both cars and a tortoise. she was a vet tech with a soft heart that brought things home to "foster". now most couples fight about the assets and pets. it was a lot more than i could handle.. i kept them all except the great dane - he was a new addition and kept eating the furniture (and i don't mean chewing it up i mean EATING it). the reason i kept them all is there were like a little family of their own and splitting anyone of them up from the "heard" would have messed up the cat / dog eco system.

    they were all my ex wife's pets, she did all the vet stuff, all the feedings and had a better repore with them... i was pretty much lost and to this day am still calling here (we're still good friends, just couldn't be married anymore) to figure out what's wrong with them and where to take them. i'm not even a "dog guy" but they all grew on me... can't imagine coming home without being greeted by ankle biters.

    i guess the bottom line would be this... despite what your previous rolls were with the animals... who will have the most time to dedicate to them? who will be working crazy hours and leave them home a lot? who does a lot of traveling (or will be) that will leave them in a pet hotel or at a friends? you can always find a new vet, and hopefull you guys will still be able to communicate to find out what's best for the pets as far as feeding schedules, annual check ups and shots.

    best of luck.
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    Re: pets and breakups

    IMO, she performs the typical maintainance for the dogs, where as you enjoy the company of the dogs, and want to spend quality time with them.
    Keep in mind though, that (if Fl meant Florida) moving to a new state might be to much of a disruption for both you and dogs to be able to pick up on a new heathy routine. Maybe for you to move, get settled and see if you really like your new surrounds, then send for the dogs......
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    Re: pets and breakups

    She Dumped you??? Sorry, don't care about the oter crap, you take the dogs, stat over and enjoy!!!
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    Re: pets and breakups

    Who's dogs were they in the first place.

    Personally if we split up, she could have EVERYTHING except the dogs.
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    Re: pets and breakups

    been togeher 14 years, we picked them out as pups together, this is our first real fight and first split and I dont see it working out, she doesnt even want to try, the thought of loosing the dogs is the only thing that seems to have her upset about this, i never saw this coming, she dropped it on me sun night after the viking card game, and doesnt want to make any effort, the dogs are all i want out the house, appearantly the same for her

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    Re: pets and breakups

    already have a house set up in FL with a backyard and roomates who are dog lovers, I am going back to my home town so its not like i dont know anyone or what it is like, been away from family way to long, love it out here but FL will always be home, worst part is, I hate mud and that is all there is in the FL

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    Re: pets and breakups

    Sorry to hear all this Rick, when you planning on leaving?
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    Re: pets and breakups

    You need to borrow a shovel?
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    Re: pets and breakups

    I have two shovels, thanks for the offer, after everything that has gone down I still dont want to be a dick about the dogs but I cant justify leaving them or taking them from her and I have a clear conscience about what has gone down, now she is want ing to split them up, the older one will be fine on her own, the younger one needs a buddy which she will have were i am going, i still dont like it and she the x is gone till the 27th, atleast we are still able to talk about it but its a sore subject

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    Re: pets and breakups

    looking at leaving mid feb

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