Hello everyone, I live in Alaska however I am currently on a military deployment here in Phoenix for the next few months. I bought this Jeep and I am loving it. I am trying to prep my new 97 Wrangler for my long road trip home.
In Alaska a windshield defroster is a necessity so I have hit a wall here as my selecter lever is not allowing it to blow air up to the windshield. When I turn the air on I can hear the vent direction door slam closed. I found this part at this website


The Jeep dealer does not sell this part. It connects under the dash to a vaccum component. The end of it has broke off inside the airbox. I need to figure out how to remove the broken piece from inside the airbox if anyone is still following what I am saying here. Has anyone had this issue before? Does this part look right and will it fix my problem?
Thanks for any help