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Thread: 1984 Scrambler

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    1984 Scrambler

    I have darn near a complete Jeep Scrambler for sale. Basically I'm buying a jeep instead of finishing my project. I have darn near all the parts to finish a complete, sweet custom Jeep Scrambler.. Running from memory, you can see my parts list below. Willing to part it out, but would really prefer someone buy the whole thing. I will be making a trip from Kennewick, WA to AZ next weekend, so if you live along that route, I might be able to deliver on the way. My phone number is 623.680.3403. Asking $10k for all of it (it's a steal at this price), and some help w/ gas money if you want me to drop it off.

    1984 Jeep Scrambler Tub w/ title, great condition you won't find a cleaner original Scrambler tub for the price, $1000
    1982 Scrambler frame fresh paint, straightened to within about 1/16th of an inch. Extremely clean frame. $800
    National Leafs 10" longer then stock for CJ's, all 2.5" wide, with Johnny Joints in each eye. (National leaf springs are the best money can buy) - $800
    Brand New Atlas II 4.0:1 passenger side drop (bolted up to tranny, never used) with twin stick - check other posts
    700r4 to Atlas II adapter - check other posts
    Art Carr Gate Shifter for 4 spd - check other posts
    Seats for Jeep CJ - $150
    350 SBC TBI crate engine w/ all computer parts and headers - $950
    700r4 4x4 Tranny w/ Corvette servos - check other posts
    Front Dana 60 - 35 spline inners/outers 4:56's ARB, new warn premium hubs, new brakes, Hi Steer - Check other posts
    Rear Dana 60 - 4:56's, Lincoln locked, new disc brake setup. - Check other posts
    Brand new in box CJ Windshield Frame - $100
    TJ Fenders Left & Right and TJ Grill all near perfect - $600
    MORE Motor Mounts for 350sbc to CJ Frame (mounted, but never run) - $100
    Aerotank 33 gallon gas tank w/ sender unit, custom 3/16" skid plate on entire bottom of tank - $320
    CJ-7 Factory hard brake lines (new) - $50
    CJ-8 Scrambler body mount kit (new) - $70
    5 - 37x12.50x17 MTR's Brand New ($247 each new + tax) Discount Tire certificates (they replace them if they're damaged) - check other posts
    5 - 17.5x8? Aluminum H2 Wheels - check other posts
    Brand New CJ tilt steering column - $150
    Tranny Cooler, electric fan, stainless lines - $150
    Fuel Pump - $35
    Stock CJ-8 Roll Bar - $100
    Steering Shaft Borgeson - $75
    Brake Booster for Corvette - $50
    Pedal Assembly - $40
    Custom CJ Dash, really sweet, over 40 hours manual labor in fabbing it up - $300
    Ron Davis Radiator for SBC in CJ/YJ - $400

    About $13,000 bought separately. Heck if you were to buy this stuff and assemble yourself it'd likely cost you over $15-20k!. If you're interested, I might consider a deal on all of it. If you want just some parts, let me know what you're offering, what you're looking for, etc.. If you don't see it in the list, don't be afraid to ask.

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    Re: 1984 Scrambler

    I am interested in seeing pics of the roll bar (does it have the factory spare tire mounting bracket attached?). Also the steering column. Do you have the factory steering wheel? The OEM CJ seats, too please. Any other oem/non modified parts you might have. Maybe the brake lines, windshield frame, tub, (dash pad??) etc.
    I collect all original CJ's, and I am always looking for these eom or NOS parts.
    Thanks very much. Todd 480-254-9229

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    Re: 1984 Scrambler

    maybe joe west will buy it since he loves scramblers.....
    Rest Peacefully, Joe "SamDog" EglerWe Love You.~the Hodge fam

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    Re: 1984 Scrambler

    Hey Blood,

    Did you post up your fnt Dana 60 for sale over at Pirate as well? I saw someone that would be driving through AZ and he was willing to drop it off in AZ as well.

    Btw, is it a Ford or Chevy frnt?

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    Great price for all those goodies!!!

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    Re: 1984 Scrambler

    Sent you a PM, very interested in several items. Sorry to see you selling it.

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