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Thread: Predator (3.5)

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    Predator (3.5)


    Trail Rating: 3.5

    Predator is one of many "Mildly Wild" washes that the Table Mesa recreation area has to offer. While not one of most challenging trails to run in the Table Mesa stable, rocker panel, differential protection, as well as at least one traction device would be recommended. There are not many by-passes here so be prepared when you drop down off the main road. Different lines can be taken for a more built rig to provide a challenge and running this trail back to front is just as fun. Body damage is quite possible and very likely for the less experienced wheeler. The more challenging obstacles are worth the exhilaration should you so choose. This trail can be driven, in an average 1.5 hours.

    The exit road leads to the main road to the left and divides the end of Predator from the beginning of Annihilator, a 5.0 trail.

    Always remember to "Tread Lightly".

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    Predator (3.5)

    Here's some pics of Predator.

    Charlie on the first obstacle of Predator







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    Predator (3.5)

    Travis P and I headed up to Table Mesa Saturday morning and ran Predator and Upper Terminator. They were perfect trails for the day. Travis's rig was unbelievable! We ran Predator first and then met up with a few other guys from the club and ran UT with them.

    Here's me right before the first main obstacle.

    Travis making the waterfall look easy

    Tavis on the main Predator obstacle

    Travis on the final obstacle

    Here's me on the final obstacle

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    Re: Predator (3.5)

    Looking forward to the class on January 14th! Yeah, I know it's an old thread. It was night the only time I have run this. Good to to see what we will be going over.

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