The City of Mesa once said that said that it would not balance its budget on the backs of its utility customers increased rates for water, sewer, electric, gas or trash steadily since 1978. Since then, there have only been four years where no increases were made

Mesa's near-$100 million investment in the Mesa Arts Center. Even though voters approved a Quality of Life sales tax in 1998 to build the center relying on a separate revenue stream, it should have gone to hire more police officers and firefighters - the meat and potatoes of any city. They say spending tens of millions on an arts center, especially during a time of shaky financial footing

Keep in mind that Maricopa County re-assesed your property value with the swing in the real eastate market.... Your county taxes will (in my case nearly double),,,, more sales tax... And then the kicker onthe Mesa property tax...HELLLLLLL NO.

The city of Mesa has prolly one of hte highest rates for "city Bills" in the county......

Your thoughts,,,, I can see voting hte sales tax into place ... But all I see is gross mismanagement of funds in the past and prolly in the future.