Cartridge World
1945 W. Dunlap, Suite 6
Phoenix, AZ 85021

So today I head out to pick up the Ham Radio study book and notice a few computer stores in the area too. I stop in the one looking for printer cartridges as mine are toast and he recommends this place, Cartridge World. They deal in refurbished printer cartridges. I have always been skeptical of these things considering the silly kits they sell are Snake Oil items my parents bought into wasting more money then just just buying new.

So I head over there and chat with the owner. He also sells new cartridges but they are usually more $$$'s then what Office Max/Staples would sell them for. His big draw is the fact he can refill most cartridges. So after buying the book, I came home, grabbed my old cartridges and headed back there.

The color one was toast, it was too dried out to do much with (though he gave me a credit for it which was removed off the overall price) but the black one was good and he was able to refill it. The cost of the black one was $15.29, and they normally go for around 35 bucks. As for the color one, since it's rare for him to get my type of cartridges he needed to buy them from another company that refills them so that ran me $20.99 which included the credit for the one I brought in. Normally the color ones are more then the black ones.

They guarantee anything they sell so if you aren't happy with it, just take it back and they will work with you. He told me that if in the next couple of weeks that they stop producing good prints/documents to just bring them back.

They also sell specialty papers so I decided to pick up some magnetic sheets that will work in my printer for about 6 bucks/4 sheet to see how well that works out. The paper is water resistant.

If you are tired of spending big bucks on ink for your printers and have wanted to try refills but thought they same thing I did, give this place a shot. If you have a new cartridge that has run out of ink recently he says that with proper containment (wrap in plastic wrap and store it away from heat) and get it there rather quickly you should be able to refill them 5 or 6 times. That's a lot of saved money over time.