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    Your job...

    Thread Starter: ArizonaJeeper

    How long have you worked at your current job? I've been here for 14yrs...love the people and job but my drive is at least 65miles a day and has been for 14yrs. Only work M-F and get 2 days off per month...and have great Health Ins(which for me is very important) We just moved offices over the...

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    Adventures in car maintenance....

    Thread Starter: TanTJJim

    So I have a 1977 Chevy Malibu that is full of awesome but it is a 37 year old car and it needs a little love from time to time. Most recently, the rear main has started to leak pretty badly on it. Well, today was the day to tear into it so I stock up on oil, new seal, oil pan gasket, yada yada. ...

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    How much would you pay for .223?

    Thread Starter: BEETROOT

    I might invest a couple bucks to get a (very small) local ammo company up and running. If our first production run was .223, what do you think I could sell it for? 55gr FMJ. 50 cents/round? We'd be selling out of our shop and at gun shows to start.

    Last Post By: joedokes28 04-24-2014, 07:42 AM Go to last post