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    Checkmate Atheists?

    Thread Starter: ZJROCKRIG

    I was going to add this to the other thread, but this one deserves its own. And it's not TROLLING! It's legit! http://viral.buzz/video-checkmate-atheists-scientists-discover-god/ Not the punitive father figure sitting on a throne meting out punishment for transgressors, but an...

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    Sunny Beach! Not again!

    Thread Starter: KennethS

    just when you thought the prices and availability were coming back to normal: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/obama-to-ban-bullets-by-executive-action-threatens-top-selling-ar-15-rifle/article/2560750?utm_campaign=Fox%20News&utm_source=foxnews.com&utm_medium=feed Obama to ban bullets by...

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    It's On Now!!!!!!

    Thread Starter: WhiteMtnJeep

    Did a little "Man Shopping" today and picked me up an acorn grill/smoker. Makes my mouth water just thinking about all those steaks, and ribs, and roasts, and birds, and burgers, and elk, and venison, and............... that's gonna get cooked on it!!!

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    Opinions on Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

    Thread Starter: Demlockian

    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University I will be pursing a Bachelors in Technical Management with a major in Information Systems Management. Since I am taking the 4+1 program I will have my Masters in Information Systems Management one year after earning my bachelors. In a nutshell I would have an...

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    Cactus Ed

    Insert Joke Here

    Thread Starter: Cactus Ed

    My wife found out that our dog (a Schnauzer) could hardly hear, so she took it to the veterinarian. The vet found that the problem was hair in the dog's ears. He cleaned both ears, and the dog could then hear fine. The vet then proceeded to tell Andrea that, if she wanted to keep this from...

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    jeff krause

    Shop saftey my eyes are magnets

    Thread Starter: jeff krause

    So I get done doing whatever I'm doing in the garage last night and I decide to blow my workbench off with my air compressor. I didn't have my contacts in so I threw my glasses on figured that was enough and I guess it wasn't. So long story short I need to know what the ultimate an eye...

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