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LOG CORRAL SATURDAY MORNING, BBQ at the lake, AUG 6th 8 AM Departure from Baja GAS

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The Run
Log corral to to the lake and across the river * if the flow is low enough.

New wheelers welcome.

Meet at the Baja Gas station to Roll Out by 8:00AM.

Baja Address: Beeline 87 North of Shea: 10180 N Fort McDowell Rd, Fort McDowell, AZ 85264

This is a moderate trail
a lift and larger than stock tires and rock sliders help. This trail is known to eat plastic steps.

Great attitude
Be responsible
Be helpful

Make sure your rig is in great working order. Entering this trail with known issues will hold up the group potentially.
Body damage, Undercarriage damage and AZ pinstripes are highly likely on this trail

No cap, we can BBQ or bring a lunch when we get to Bartlett Lake. We will spend a little time at the lake to take a dip or play in the sand. Family's welcome, kids will have fun swimming at the lake.

1. Russ TJ
2. Begz (Maybe)
3. 67Jeepsterguy (Maybe)
4. Jessica (Strong Maybe)
5. Pablo


  1. thomasoneill's Avatar
    I'm new to the group but would like to join this run.

    Tom O'Neill
  2. thomasoneill's Avatar
    Will not be able to join after all. Look forward to future runs.