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Forum is vast in info but confusing to use with no known push notification for runs

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Anyone take issue with my trying to affect a change and watch this site daily to add the runs to Facebook event page and bring this into the 21st century in order to ensure everone can be notified of the runs easier?

Unless anyone wants to tell me how to get notifications of runs... my plan is to create a vjcfb event with link to the run here and instructions that vjc nazis feel the only way to rsvp is on vjc and vjcfb is for notifications only...



  1. Forxtreme's Avatar
    Heck I dont even know if this is visible by anyone!!
  2. katvans's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Forxtreme
    Heck I dont even know if this is visible by anyone!!
    I saw it, there's runs??
  3. TreeKiller's Avatar
    These "blog entries" are not heavily utilized. That said, you can customize notifications in your user control panel.

    From a web browser, in the top right of your screen, click "Settings", then mid-way down the toolbar on your left, "General Settings", then under "Default Thread Subscription Mode", select how you want to be notified of updates to a thread.

    Then, once you post in a given thread, you'll be notified whenever anyone else posts in that thread.

    You can also subscribe to a particular section of the forum -- for example the Moderate Runs section so that anytime anyone posts a new run in that section, you'll be notified.

    To simplify getting you there, click this link: and then find the drop box for "Forum Tools". One of the options under that drop box is "Subscribe to This Forum". Select that option and you'll always be notified when someone posts a new moderate run.

    There is also a run calendar although it's not heavily utilized anymore either. Would love to have someone or some people begin updating the calendar with runs that have been posted to the forum.

    Please feel free to post links on FB to the group runs that have been created here on the Forum. Please feel free to create events in the FB group and link to them here on the forum with instructions as you've described as well, although it would be awesome if you'd leave the nazi part out LOL.

    Welcome, BTW....

  4. Forxtreme's Avatar
    Wow thanks. I'll try that asap.
    I still can't even figure out how to change my profile picture. Using my phone so maybe it's not available to do with a mobile.
  5. Forxtreme's Avatar
    Hopefully this helps me out. As long as I'm in az, I'll watch vjc and post daily. I'll start that this weekend.

    And I dropped the nazi comment ;^}