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XJ Dana 35 to Ford 8.8 Swap

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I started to put the axle under the Jeep but noticed a problem right away. The u-bolt plates had a hole in the center where the retaining bolt and nut fit but since I have different leaf packs the nut was bigger and would not fit through the hole. The hole needed to be enlarged to about 3/4" to fit. I have a 25/32" drill bit that I used to install my lift kit so I planned to use that. I put the plates on a drill press but the bit got dull so fast it was like trying to drill through unobtainium. After a lot of cutting oil and a few smaller bits, I managed to get them to fit over the nut.
Then I ran into another problem. The truss sits right on the center of the axle tube, and the space between the perch and the truss was not big enough for the u-bolts to fit through. I had to cut off some of the truss on both ends to get them to fit.
Once I got the nuts torqued down I tried to put the bolts through the shock mounts, but the u-bolt made it impossible to get it through the hole. So I had to take the u-bolts back off and put the shocks on first.
I got the axle shafts back in and the cross pin as well but found that the spider gears had moved while the pin was out so that the pin wouldn't go through initially. Luckily that's a pretty easy fix. I got the brake rotors and calipers on and just need to get the hard lines figured out.
I did learn that the e-brake cables from a ZJ will not work on a 97+ XJ because the ZJ cables mount in the center and are the same length while the XJ cables mount on the drivers side and one is much longer than the other. East coast gear supply has a set but they cost $100 + shipping. I will most likely have to spend the money since no one makes them.
The only thing left to do is drill the hole for the vent and mount the soft line to the axle and connect the hard lines to it.

Here is a picture of the current state.

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