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Hi Lift mounted on a cj7

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Just acquired a high lift jack. Don't want to mount it on the hood or front bumper (tow bar in the way). Should I mount it horizontal on the rear bumper or attach it to the stock swing out tire carrier?


  1. Jeremy-Prescott's Avatar
    I have not yet acquired a highlift but I also have a CJ and carry a towbar at all times and have had to use it several but I detach mine and put it behind my back seat so that I have the front available to put stuff on or you could keep the highlift either on your wheel well inside or in behind the rear seat too just a few suggestions.
  2. rmarolf's Avatar
    Call me @ (602)791-9564 or e-mail me @ I'll send you a picture of my Hi-Lift mount!
    Ol' Richard. (AKA rmarolf)