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Joe West

Which Way Home... a new take on illegal immigration in Arizona

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Have you ever known anyone who would do almost anything to provide for their family?

The answer for me, and for many of you reading this is yes. Not only do you know someone who would do anything for their family, but quite possibly, this person is you.

This weekend, I rented the movie called "Which Way Home"; a documentary filmed in Mexico which was done entirely in Spanish and has English subtitles on the Netflix version. Why is this even remotely interesting? Mostly because it provides an alternative lens through which Americans should view immigration. "Which Way Home" documents the struggles of men, women, and children (mostly children) who travel across Mexico from Central America with the goal of crossing into the United States to look for work. Unlike the stereotyped images many of us have of illegal immigrants, the images from this movie suggest that many illegal immigrants are crossing the border to find a better life and a way to provide for families who live in abject poverty. For those of us who sit in our nice homes here in America and think that the border with Mexico should be shut down and all illegal immigrants sent packing, this movie offers an alternative view that is both compelling and disturbing.

Compelling because it shows human beings doing what they need to do to provide for their family; something most of us would do if we were in their shoes.

Disturbing because of the number of children who are documented crossing the border. Disturbing because we would never dream of seeing our nine year old children cross thousands of miles of third world countryside alone... disturbing because there but for the grace of God goes us.

For those of you with an open mind and a willingness to entertain an alternative view of immigration; a view from the other side of the fence (no pun intended), I'd highly recommend you check out "Which Way Home". If nothing else, it will make you thankful for the things you have in this wonderful country of ours. I wish however, that you feel more than thankful for living in America... I wish that you begin to feel as I do; There is a place in America for an open door policy to allow immigrants to flow across our border from Mexico in a controlled and legal manner... in a manner which will benefit both American and Mexican nationals who wish to come here and work.

Peace out.



  1. Hemrides's Avatar
    The issue is they are still breaking the laws of the US. Have you ever been to the southern parts of this country and saw the same issues and these people are US citizens. There are people all over this world that have the same problems. It interesting that when the U.Ss trys to help other countries we are looked at in a very negaitive way. Let them cross our borders as illegals and we should look the other way. Get in line, follow the process/laws and then....Welcome to America.
  2. Joe West's Avatar
    I'm definitely not an advocate of looking the other way... I'm an advocate for opening our borders for immigrant workers to come over on a seasonal basis to perform specific jobs, pay taxes, and then go back home (to repeat the process again next year if they wish). You raise a good point about them breaking laws... but I must admit, if I were in their shoes, I'd break the law in a nanosecond to feed my family.

    What disturbs me most is that these illegal immigrants perform some jobs that Americans don't want to perform (note that I said some... not all). Wouldn't it be a win-win if we let them come over, do the work, pay taxes, and then leave on a seasonal basis?
  3. Digger's Avatar
    Do the work, Pay Taxes, and leave on a seasonal basis? We have more than enough people (legal and illegal) that need to work and feed their families on this side of the border now. I'm all for helping and sharing during times that the USA has it to share, but for now, those times are not reality. The good people of the USA and their children are starving and homeless these days, I think we should focus on improving their needs, for now.
  4. Joe West's Avatar
    Digger... the truth is, we have PLENTY of jobs that American's don't want to do. Some good examples are farm laborers and hotel cleaning staff. While you can likely find someone who will do these jobs, on the whole, Americans simply don't want to do them because the pay isn't worth the difficulty of the labor. Here's what happens: If we allow seasonal or timed work visas, we employ immigrants who do the jobs we don't want and we get to keep our low prices on produce and hotel rooms. If we somehow manage to lock down our borders, labor prices will rise to the point that Americans are willing to do the jobs and then prices for produce and hotel rooms (or new homes in the case of construction laborers) will rise.

    So... we can do it your way... but don't expect to keep your low prices on the things you've come to love.
  5. regorsky's Avatar
    Joe...I agree one hundred per cent. If I needed to break that law to feed my family, I would do it in a heartbeat. I think to many people have the mistaken idea that there aren;t any jobs out there. I admit it is not as easy as it was and we have hardships over here, but there are jobs if one is creative and open to change. I couldn't figure out how to drop shortcuts in here so just Google " unfilled jobs in USA". I was surprised at what I found.
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  6. AmbulanceJockey's Avatar
    The illegal immigrations is a serious issue i work ems and now fire from south of tucson up to the border. Its a serious issue and a dangerous prospect for those who cross all year round more than a few pay with their life getting here. The immigrations doesnt bother me as much as the holes in the border. if a 9 year can get across what else and who else with intenetions less admerable than providing for their family.