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Joe West

No... Arizona does not have an image problem.

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To all you liberal pundits and journalists who think that Arizona has an image problem:

You are wrong.

Just because you live in a state which prefers to suck off the government tit... afraid to speak out for what you believe for fear of having the nipple that sustains you ripped from your mouth, does not mean you understand Arizona.

Just because some whack-job decides to go on a shooting spree does not mean Arizona has an image problem, it simply means that we have nut-cases like every other state; it's just that this one happened to act on his fantasy. I don't remember anyone saying that Oklahoma had an image problem when Timothy McVeigh decided to go on a killing spree.

Just because Arizona is willing to challenge Mr. Obama as he attempts to socialize America does not mean Arizona has an image problem; it simply means that we are not willing to sit on our asses any longer and wait for someone else to take care of us. If the federal government isn't part of the solution, it is part of the problem.

While I may not agree with every piece of legislation that Arizona passes, I am proud that we are attempting to precipitate change while many other states just sit back and whine.

Those of you who live here who don't like what is happening in Arizona... please... move. I'm sure that California, Oregon, or New York would be happy to have you.

No... Arizona doesn't have an image problem. You do.

Now please... put the nipple back in your mouth... I'm tired of hearing you whine. Take your fingers off the keyboard and wrap them around the breast that sustains you... I'm tired of reading your words.

As for me... I'll remain happy living in a state that isn't afraid to stand up for what we believe in.



  1. 4x4fever's Avatar
    Right on, I couldn't agree more. At 63 yrs old I'm glad that I won't be around in another 50 yrs to see what this country is gonna be like, that is if it even excists then.
  2. dirtbuggy's Avatar
    dang Joe you said that perfect I'm voting for you and at 60 yrs old I agree with 4x4fever
  3. mbybee's Avatar
    I love that looking back on this, a year later, it's proven that:
    1) People have too short an attention span - nobody remembers any of this anymore
    2) You were right :)