• Arizona Virtual Jeep Club History

    The Arizona Virtual Jeep Club (AZVJC) was formed in August of 1998 by readers of the rec.autos.makers.jeep+willys newsgroup. This list is for discussion and planning of off-road trips and related local Jeep and backcountry topics. Unlike other 4x4 clubs, membership has no dues and no monthly meetings. We do have good folk, enthusiasm, Jeeps, e-mail and online formats, and a love for off-roading Arizona. The original club was email majordomo based (meaning to communicate with other members you sent an email that went to a yahoo groups server and then was forwarded to all members of the group).

    In 2003, the Yahoo Groups AZVJC voted to create a BBS format to allow members who prefered an online webpage communication format to migrate to the forum style. Since the creation of the AZVJC there have been many new groups "spun off" of this original group to pursue their specialized interests whether they be rock crawling or expedition style off-roading.

    The AZVJC is the largest off-road club in Arizona...with good reason... you will not find a better group of people on the face of the earth... willing to go out of their way to help other members with practically anything they need. We are not just a Jeep group; we are a family.

    So let's get started! To join, simply click on the register link at the top of this page!
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    Tow Rigs

    Thread Starter: capsul

    I've been doing some research on towing my WJ. The WJ weighs in at about 5000# with all the mods, 35" tires, heavy duty steering, sliders and skids and 2 steel bumpers. The entire set up with trailer weight would be around 7000#. Been looking at some half tons, Chevy 5.3 vortec, dodge 5.7...

    Last Post By: capsul 12-18-2017, 07:36 AM Go to last post

    Ford 6.0L Engine

    Thread Starter: My1stJeep

    So I know the 7.3L would be preferable. However a possible deal for a 2006 Crew Cab DRW 4x4 King Ranch with the 6.0L might be available. It does have over 200K, but for diesel's that is not much. I have heard that the 6.0L is solid as long as you don't try and modify it, I have heard you can mod...

    Last Post By: OTR-93YJ 12-18-2017, 11:18 AM Go to last post