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    The Arizona Virtual Jeep Club (AZVJC) was formed in August of 1998 by readers of the rec.autos.makers.jeep+willys newsgroup. This list is for discussion and planning of off-road trips and related local Jeep and backcountry topics. Unlike other 4x4 clubs, membership has no dues and no monthly meetings. We do have good folk, enthusiasm, Jeeps, e-mail and online formats, and a love for off-roading Arizona. The original club was email majordomo based (meaning to communicate with other members you sent an email that went to a yahoo groups server and then was forwarded to all members of the group).

    In 2003, the Yahoo Groups AZVJC voted to create a BBS format to allow members who prefered an online webpage communication format to migrate to the forum style. Since the creation of the AZVJC there have been many new groups "spun off" of this original group to pursue their specialized interests whether they be rock crawling or expedition style off-roading.

    The AZVJC is the largest off-road club in Arizona...with good reason... you will not find a better group of people on the face of the earth... willing to go out of their way to help other members with practically anything they need. We are not just a Jeep group; we are a family.

    So let's get started! To join, simply click on the register link at the top of this page!

    The Arizona Virtual Jeep Club is unlike any other club in Arizona... and possibly, unlike any other club in the world. One of the first things you'll notice is that we expect members to treat each other on the forum, just as they would treat each other in real life. Playing keyboard cowboy tough-guy is a sure way to be banned.

    It isn't that we feel we need to be held to some higher standard, it is simply that we expect this site to be viewable by all members of a family. This is our home, and when you invite people into your home, you expect them to act with decorum. We want this to be a place you aren't afraid to have your children visit.

    The Arizona Virtual Jeep club is the largest off-road club in Arizona for a reason... and we'd like to think that our family-friendly culture has something to do with it.

    If you don't like the colors on our website, you can now change them. In the lower left hand screen of each page, there is a pull-down box that is labelled --vB4 Default Style. Click on the arrows on the left side of the box and choose "Modified Default Style" or "Midnight" to see different color schemes.

    For those of you who use the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, the Arizona Virtual Jeep Club is now on both sites as virtualjeepclub and azvjc. Following virtualjeepclub on Twitter and/or Facebook can result in benefits for club members

    AZVJC uses a reputation system to reward members for outstanding contributions to the club, members with high reputations can "cash-in" their reputation points for sponsorships... effectively giving them the benefits of a sponsorship with no cost. If you want to trade in your reputation points for a membership, just send Joe West a PM and let him know what sponsorship level you want:

    Bronze 800 points
    Silver 1600 points
    Gold 3200 points
    Platinum 6400 points

    Once your reputation points are cashed-in, they will be deducted from your reputation level and you will be given a 1 year sponsorship at the level you chose.
    Note: You can even donate your reputation points to give someone else the gift of sponsorship. Just let Joe know who you want the sponsorship to go to and what level sponsorship you want to give.

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    Thread Starter: ArizonaJeeper

    This Friday, We are probably heading to our new found Mexican/Tequila place you and Mrs cactus ed took us to a few weeks back. If you guys (or anyone else) are bored we love to hang out w\you guys again. But understand the short notice. We really like the place, Thx again for taking us...

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    What could possibly go wrong? http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/09/02/report-missing-libyan-jetliners-raise-fears-suicide-airliner-attacks-on-11/ :mad: Oops...Libya

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    Rob Zombie tomorrow?

    Thread Starter: DrewDog

    Anyone headed out to this show? Just started building stage. Hope to see some jeeps in the parking lot!! You can see my JK doing work in the background. ............ Drew

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    We know women are crazy... But POLYGAMIST women are crazy NINJAS in disguise!

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    white houe evacuated

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    saw on the news that some dude jumped the fence and evacuated part of the whitehouse. Then i saw this picture. The dude is rocking a full auto MP5, off safety!

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