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  1. Which Way Home... a new take on illegal immigration in Arizona

    Have you ever known anyone who would do almost anything to provide for their family?

    The answer for me, and for many of you reading this is yes. Not only do you know someone who would do anything for their family, but quite possibly, this person is you.

    This weekend, I rented the movie called "Which Way Home"; a documentary filmed in Mexico which was done entirely in Spanish and has English subtitles on the Netflix version. Why is this even remotely interesting? ...
  2. No... Arizona does not have an image problem.

    To all you liberal pundits and journalists who think that Arizona has an image problem:

    You are wrong.

    Just because you live in a state which prefers to suck off the government tit... afraid to speak out for what you believe for fear of having the nipple that sustains you ripped from your mouth, does not mean you understand Arizona.

    Just because some whack-job decides to go on a shooting spree does not mean Arizona has an image problem, it simply means ...
  3. Anybody in Maricopa want to play in the mud?

    Quote Originally Posted by ob1jeeper View Post
    Where ever you end up, it goes without saying that you should stay on the trails, and NOT leave a bunch of ruts out through the toolies, or for that matter, if you find its real soupy, please do not leave ruts and tear up the trails any more than is necessary to get to-from a destination. If you find that you are leaving deep ruts... even in the trails, please re-consider and let it dry a bit more before venturing back on those areas...

    We have plenty of folks already against off-road
  4. Hunters 12th Annual BBQ...


    Tooley had a camera.......where are his pics............Mingola ALSO !!!!

    B][/B][QUOTE=My Green Jeep;664158][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"]anyone got any pictures to share?

    Sorry peeps... I was busy... I had the camera and didnt even take 1 picture :pinch:

  5. 20 gallon factory fuel tank for cj

    Quote Originally Posted by 85LAREDOCJ7 View Post
    I have the 21 gal. that came with the Laredo.
    you selling it?I have a feul tank but it doesnt fit the kilby skid.If I cant find a tank locally then I'm gonna sell the skid plate to someone that could use it.
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