View Full Version : Transmission Problems.

08-31-2005, 04:04 PM
i just moved out here and have been here for about 2 weeks now in the glendale area. Im living with my mom till me and my buddy get enough money for our own place but right now im in a little housing development with strict rules on cars in the street and working on them and all that good stuff . anyway my main problem is that yesterday while i was driving away from a job interview my jeep starting having some real problem getting out of 1st gear. make a long story short by the time i got home i had to really try to push in those 1st and second gears and have to pull em out hard to get to neutral. all other gears are perfect but for some reason 1st and second just wont budge like somewthing bent in it or something. im about to take out the shifter and see if its bent but thats pretty much all the work i can do on it without getting flagged. my stepdad here is saying stuff like check the oil and the clutch linkage but i think (what i think isint worth much ) that if it was something like oil or a clutch linkage it would affect more than just those 2 gears. because there is no resistance in any other gear. Its currently parked with it shoved in first in the front yard. The transmission is a 5 speed T-5 on a 84 cj-7 if anyone wants to call me im at 714-654-4315. ANY help would be appreciated if i cant get this figured out im gonna miss about 4 job interviews which is no bueno. Thanks again and if anyone needs any more info ill post it up. :o