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B_E Dad
04-21-2016, 09:07 AM
Years ago I got transferred with my job which meant new house and moving expenses among other things. We all know that this usually means getting rid of anything that isnt a major necessity when there is a family involved. After the kids have grown and marital status was restructured it has come time to replace one of my first mechanical loves, my jeep. While my original is long gone (seriously the other side of the country), I have found an adequate replacement for driving, wrenching, and personalizing. I have hauled home a 1981 CJ7. 4.2L straight 6 automatic. It has already had the tub replaced and is in good shape body wise but has a few mechanical issues. I am just going to make a list and if there is anyone that wants to throw out a suggestion I am all ears!! To give you a little background, I was born and raised around cars and farm machinery. I dont have a problem getting greasy and would say I am an above average welder but with all that I also have the ability to tear things up way beyond fixing by trying to do it myself if you catch my drift.


Brakes are soft
Steering is loose (not sure if its tie rods or gear box)
jeep is 81 and doors are older therefore latches arent correct
tranny linkage doesnt seem to be correct, have to hunt to find drive
no oil pressure on gauge

Dire need of tires that are a lot more "jeep". Radial roady tires arent gonna cut it. Seems to be hard to find - except new - 108mm center hub. Does have a 2" body lift tho so I am not sure how big I can go
Hard top has no hooks or latches for the front section over the windshield
seats work but want to replace and new seat belts is a must! anyone ever do shoulder belts in the back?
would like to add some LED lights but they seem to be crazy $$
thinking of adding a marine sound system to it so I dont have to worry about water, but is there a better / cheaper way?

I am sure I will add to this and will see about getting a pict posted as well. Thanks in advance for any help you can be!
Anyone close to Louisville?

04-21-2016, 09:56 AM
congrats! Sounds like you have a good start. Just enjoy it and fix things when they come up.

04-21-2016, 02:15 PM
A worn pitman arm can loosen up the steering. Ask me how I know.:whistling:

B_E Dad
04-22-2016, 07:04 AM
That sounds like an interesting story...
hopefully nothing was damaged badly or anyone hurt