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Do you have more details without posting just a link? (cannot access that link at work or on my phone).

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Here is a number to call, fellas name is Joe, be sure to mention Rj referred you, (most guys know me using that moniker)

I have no knowledge of unit except as he posted, but fella is one of the most stand up men I've dealt with in years,
good luck

09-25-2015, 02:11 PM
1989 Jeep Cherokee 4x4. Has the inline 6 (4.0 L), 5-speed manual. Just a titch over 94K miles (Box-A miles on a 6-digit odometer). BFG AT/TA's in good shape, at least 50% tread remaining.

JUST PASSED EMISSIONS for another 2 years, so the tags are good until September 2017. That's a big thing to me when they're this old...

Completely new front brakes (calipers and pads). New rear leaf springs. New valve cover gasket.

New fuel pump, new Idle air control valve, new MAP sensor, new fuel regulator, new vacuum lines (mostly, not all though). Recent service (belt, oil etc).

This was the "pioneer" and there was friggin' chrome everywhere. That was all blacked out, the body was given a nice expensive coat of rustoleum safety red (almost $30!) and the best part is, there's still half a gallon left (goes with the jeep!). Ya know, that ****'s really hard to clean out of an HVLP sprayer... but i digress.

Has AC and heat, idiot lights all apparently work, NOT LIFTED. Please don't ask me what axles it has, unless they're wearing nametags that say "Hi, my name is Dana" I will not be able to answer you, sorry.

Comes with some new parts I didn't put on (master cylinder, brake lines that should be put on but I didn't want to strip the stupid nuts....) and some other things (I save all the old parts, too, although I have no idea why... just an oddity of mine). Oh, it has extra bushings for the leaf springs. Did you know they COME with them installed? well I didn't.

It runs very well, strong engine, clutch seems excellent to me, 4x4 works fine and I have some places you can test that (please don't tear up my yard more than necessary though, or I'm handing you a rake before you leave!).

Has a small oil leak that I have not had time to troubleshoot, and there's a minor amount of body damage at the left rear quarter panel, by the tail light (all lights work fine, that one was replaced).

It has a hitch but no wiring to it (2" square receiver). Interior is.... uh.... pretty good considering the age, the seats are not torn, but the passenger side visor is a mess, etc. Little stuff.

Asking $3,500 and unfortunately I can't take any trades, guys, sorry. I live in Gilbert at Cooper and Warner.

My son's had it a couple years and it started having all kinds of problems, he bought a new car and I fixed all the issues we know of. Notarized title in hand, the new tags are on it (Sep 2017... did i mention that?).

If you decide to come take a look, I should warn you that I'm not a salesman. I really want you to know what you're getting and will likely bore you to tears pointing out every little flaw and defect. Sorry, it's just my way. I still think it's a good vehicle and not just "for its age". But I want to make sure you know everything about it that I do so you can make an educated, sound decision.

Oh, one of those pictures makes it look like there's something wrong on the hood, but that's a shadow from the fence...

That's it folks, thanks for reading.

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