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07-18-2005, 12:11 AM
> JULY 12 & 13, 2005
> Bob Mason, ASA Chairman, and Grant George, ASA President,
>participated in the two-day conference co-chaired by Roy Denner of
>ORBA and Jack Welch of the Blue Ribbon Coalition.
> *Purpose of the Summit
> *-- Support House Resources Committee Chairman Pomboís effort to
>reform and update the Endangered Species Act (ESA).
> -- Educate legislators about the popularity and economic
>of motorized recreation.
> -- Participate in a Congressional Oversight Hearing on Motorized
>Recreation on Federal Lands.
> -- Meet with executive management of federal agencies responsible
>for the management of motorized recreation opportunities.
> -- Network with the participants at the Summit.
> *Overview
> *The Summit was very worthwhile in terms of formal meetings and
>informal networking opportunities. The OHV panel representatives
>very effective. Detailed testimony, meeting notes, and attendance
>will be forthcoming. Advance research and preparation of briefing
>materials relating to the ISDRA budget shortfall was useful. The PMV
>DVD and the Litter Education PSAs were well received. Thanks to all
>that assisted in the preparation of briefing materials.
> *Attendees
> *-- Nearly 100 participants - including representatives of
>snowmobile, personal Watercraft, and OHV recreation.
> -- Representatives from Pennsylvania, Oregon, Colorado,
>California, Nevada, Texas, Idaho, and Arizona.
> -- ASA leadership was supported by Dr. Phillips, Botanical and
>Environmental Consultant; David Hubbard, Attorney; Paul Kavinoky,
>Washington OHV Lobbyist; and Pete Conaty, California OHV Lobbyist.
> -- ISDRA Small Business owners Mike and Michelle Gilmore (Gilmore
>Off-Road) and Kathy Godley (KD Cycle) attended meetings with the BLM
>and their congressional representatives. Gilmore Off-Road and KD
>Cycle joined representatives of the Arizona State Association of
>4-Wheel Drive Clubs in a meeting with the BLM staff responsible for
>permit administration.
> -- The United Desert Gateway (UDG) communities of Brawley, El
>Centro, and Yuma were represented by Nicole Gilles, UDG President.
> /*Meetings
> */The following is a partial list of meetings ASA had and the
>discussion topics:
> /*United States Fish and Wildlife Service*/
> Craig Manson, Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks
>the U.S. Department of the Interior
> Julie MacDonald, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife
>and Parks in the U.S. Department of the Interior
> Randy Bowman, Special Assistant to Assistant Secretary Manson
> *Topics
> *-- Formal delivery of the resubmission of the Peirsonís milkvetch
>(PMV) delisting petition and DVD
> -- ESA reform and update
> -- ISDRA Biological Opinion (BO) & Recreation Area Management Plan
>(RAMP) implementation requirements and the associated budget
> */Bureau of Land Management/*
> William Woody, Director, Law Enforcement, Security and Protection
>for the Bureau of Land Management
> Selma Sierra, Chief of Staff at the Bureau of Land Management
> Ed Shepard, Assistant Director Renewable Resources
> Scott Abdon, Sr Outdoor Recreation Specialist
> Bob Ratcliffe, Deputy Manager National Recreation Program
> *Topics
> *-- UDG activity update and funding delay
> -- Law Enforcement commitment to ISDRA by DC office
> -- Law enforcement support of Litter Education and enforcement
> -- ISDRA small business activity permits-- ISDRA budget shortfall
> /*Department of Interior*//*
> */ Gale Norton, Secretary of Interior
> Scott Stewart, Associate Director, Office of External Affairs
> *Topics
> *-- ESA reform and update mutual objectives
> -- BLM overall funding deficit
> -- ISDRA RAMP Biological Opinion implementation funding
> -- ISDRA specific funding shortfall
> -- PMV delisting petition resubmission
> -- Expression of appreciation for support of OHV recreation
> *Accomplishments/Action Items
> *-- Bill Woody supports the addition of the BLM law enforcement
>shield and logo on the Litter Education public service announcements
> -- Selma Sierra will follow up regarding the delay of UDG Task
>matching funds.
> -- Paul Kavinoky will draft a letter for Congressman Hunter,
>and Filnerís signature supporting increased BLM appropriations for
>the ISDRA.
> -- ISDRA small business owners presented their concerns regarding
>the RAMP and vendor permit process to BLM and their congressional
> -- Gained usefully insight regarding the submission of additional
>information in support of the PMV delisting petition.
> Saturday, July 23, 9:00 am
> Holiday Inn
> 1240 S. Walnut St.
> Anaheim, CA 92802 Q&A Opportunity
> Committee reports and guest speakers will include:
> Neil Hamada, BLM ISDRA Dunes Manager - Adaptive Management Area
>(AMA) Permits, 2005-06 Visitor Fee Program
> Imperial County Sheriff Sergeant Mark McNay / Vicki L. Wood,
>Manager, El Centro Field Office Manager - Comp Hill Curfew
> Nicole Gilles, UDG President - UDG Progress Report, LITTER
> Steve Razo, BLM CA Desert District External Affairs Director - LA
>County Fair Opportunity
> Jerry Seaver, ISDRA TRT Chairman - Technical Review Team (TRT)
> Vicki L. Wood - Vendor Administration
> Mike Remington, Supervisor of Environmental Regulation and
>Planning, Imperial Irrigation District - Modification of the canal
>near Test Hill
> Grant George and Bob Mason - Washington, DC OHV Summit Report
> Thank you.
> The American Sand Association
> Unite, Inform, and Mobilize