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04-24-2005, 08:46 PM
The following is from my Oregon offroad list. Every April Oregon sponsors SOLV (Stop Oregon Litter & Vandalism) and every year tens of thousands of Oregonians turn out all over the state to clean it up. Each year our offroad clubs participate and help remove many tons of junk from the forests where our trails are. Looks like this year was no different.

Oh yeah - The local Sierra Club chapters usually come out as well, but it's typically less than a dozen people at any one cleanup. They are continually embarrassed by the huge turnout of offroaders, motorcyclists, etc. It goes to show who really cares about the forests, beaches, etc. :D


>Subject: SOLV Day Results
>Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 16:31:35 -0700
>From: "BEALL Stephanie A" <SBEALL@O...>
> The annual SOLV Clean-Up event was held Saturday, April 23rd on
> the Forest Grove District. The event was a resounding success as
> recreationists and ODF staff pulled together to remove an amazing amount
> of garbage and debris from the Tillamook State Forest as identified by
> district staff.
> Wayne Brown of the Reforestation Unit led a team of volunteers in
> wrestling several "old growth" appliances out of a draw on North
> Lousignot Road.
> Kevin Burdon of the Reforestation Unit, worked with a team from
> Raven Off-Road and the Cascade Cruisers to clean multiple sites in the
> Wheeler Basin. Bird and his crew filled the district flatbed and the
> volunteer trucks to almost overflowing with tires, furniture, bags of
> garbage, and scrap metal.
> Andrew Walker of the Reforestation Unit led a group of 4x4
> enthusiasts and members from Oregon Equestrian Trails to clean more than
> six dumpsites on Storey Burn Road. Drew's team returned with a fridge
> and trucks filled to overflowing with everything from shot up stuffed
> animals to yard debris.
> Tom Kennedy of the Recreation Unit led a group from Oregon
> Equestrian Trails to remove a tire dump near the Saddle Mountain Repeater
> site, and to clean assorted camping and shooting garbage from sites along
> Beaver Dam Road.
> Jay Sandmann of the Recreation Unit assisted with registration
> and with unloading garbage and debris from vehicles as they returned to
> the sandshed throughout the day.
> Mark Reed of the Marketing Unit led volunteers from Oregon Bush
> Hackers and Portland United Mountain Pedalers to identified dumpsites
> along Dober, Carlson Creek and Cochran Roads. They filled several
> pick-ups with a variety of debris ranging from tires to scrap metal to an
> old BBQ.
> Matt Frison of the Marketing Unit and Bruce Harris the Recreation
> Unit Equipment Operator led members of the Trask Mountain Trail Runners
> (who donated tow truck time courtesy of Clyde and Sherry Dawkins) to
> remove the remains of a vehicle from Drift Creek, and three vehicles from
> the Wheeler Basin.
> Andy Williams of the Tillamook State Forest Trail Patrol and his
> son Kenneth cleaned up sites along lower Beaver Dam Road and assisted
> with unloading debris into the dumpsters staged at the sandshed.
> Ray Wold & Joe Reeves of Oregon Equestrian Trails supported by
> Jim Poston of the Engineering Unit led a spring work-party in Stagecoach
> Horse Camp. The group spread nearly 10 yards of gravel to cover the
> floors all the horse corrals in the campground, installed three new
> signs, and repaired several corrals.
> In all 87 volunteers (up 35 from last year!) and 9 ODF employees
> removed:
>* 182 tires
>* approximately 6 tons of garbage
>* 4 vehicles
>* approximately 4 tons of scrap metal
>* 8 appliances
> Clubs and Organizations that were represented included:
>* Oregon Bush Hackers
>* Cascade Cruisers
>* International Scout & Truck Club
>* Portland United Mountain Pedalers
>* Oregon Equestrian Trails
>* Brush Busters
>* Raven Off-Road
>* Trask Mountain Trail Runners
>* Tillamook State Forest Trail Patrol
> Businesses that donated services were:
>* Sweet's Septic which donated two porta-potties for the event
>* SWATCO Sanitary Service which provided three 30-yard dumpsters for
>the clean-up
>* Clyde Dawkins Auto Recycling which donated the use of a 4x4 tow
>truck and its service crew
> Thanks to all who participated for helping achieve another
> successful SOLV event!
>Stephanie A. Beall
>Recreation Specialist
>Oregon Department of Forestry
>801 Gales Creek Road
>Forest Grove, OR 97116

04-25-2005, 04:08 PM
That is great but we had more people then that show up at the Sycamore Clean-up, and it was not well attended. Up until last year we have had an annual clean-up at Table Mesa in Feb. that got at least 200 and most times 300 people show up. The last time we filled 6 40 yard dumpsters to over flowing plus about 10 burnt out vechiles towed back to the pick up area.

BTW In a meeting with BLM last week I asked who was the brains behind moving such a successful event last year to Oct.? We had a low turn out due to all the events in the this part of the coutry at that time. They would not tell me who's idea it was but next year it will be back in Feb. like it should be. They even admitted it was a dumb idea the failed.
Jim F.