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Sedona Jeep School
04-18-2005, 06:37 PM
This was sent to me this afternoon:

Subject: Bill Burke's letter on 4wheelingtoday.net

Just wanted to let you-all you know that "Live with Bob Crandall" (Las
Vegas, NV) will be reading Bill's recent controversial letter tomorrow night (Tuesday, April 19) about his experience at the March Moab Easter Jeep Safari that is currently circulating around the Internet. If you haven't read it, go to http://www.bb4wa.com/letter.htm.

If you want to listen to it, you have to click on www.4wheelingtoday.net<http://www.4-wheelingtoday.net/> (corrected)
(part of www.alltalkradio.net
<http://www.alltalkradio.net/> ) as it can only be heard through your computer. It begins right after the news at 6:06 p.m. Pacific time (7:06 p.m., Mountain time, 8:06 p.m. Central time and 9:06 p.m. Eastern time)
on Tuesday, April 19.

Bill is going to try to call in and speak about the issue of responsible land
use during this show. I hope you get a chance to listen and to call in with your thoughts and comments.

Also, don't forget about our contest (with lots of great prizes) that came
out of the response to Bill's letter at http://www.bb4wa.com/contest.html.

Best regards,


Note: <http://www.4-wheelingtoday.net/> (corrected)

04-18-2005, 06:39 PM
I marked my calendar to listen live tomorrow night (Tuesday, 6 PM)