View Full Version : Help for the OK victims.

05-23-2013, 05:03 PM
Please help if you can. I know everyone is tight right now but every little bit helps.

Alpha/Omega West is taking collections from as many people as possible in a one week period to raise money to buy Walmart gift cards for those in need in the Oklahoma City area, mainly those hit hardest in the suburb of Moore. Walmarts are everywhere and have everything from food to toiletries to clothing, so we figured that would be the best place. At the end of the day on Friday May 31st, we will take what's been donated and buy as many $10 gift cards as the amount allows and forward them to my contact at MOORE RECOVERS (suggested by the Moore Police officer I spoke with).

There are a few ways to donate: If you have a PAYPAL account, you can forward your donation to: christiantaylor99@gmail.com, or you can send a check made out to "Christian Taylor" (we have yet to open a business account for the club *shame*) or you can donate directly to us if you are in the Mesa, AZ (and surrounding) area. PM me if you need our address to send a check to!!!

I know times are rough for everyone...these people have NOTHING left. I hope you can help!!! Thank you in advance for your time and donations. God bless! ~Pattey & Chris

there is a thread on our club site about it also.