View Full Version : I need some Tivo advice

02-05-2005, 05:36 AM
The problem I am having with my Tivo goes something like this:

(This is an example)

I have 2 season passes setup:
1 for a show on Thursday night channel 5 from 8-9PM
1 for a show on Thursday night channel 12 from 8:59-10PM
It will not record the second program because the second program starts before the first one is done. I don't want to manually turn it on every week.

Now I didn't set the times, the schedule set the times. There is a place were you can tell the Tivo to start recording early or end recording later. This doesn't help because, what I need is to start the second recording a minute late or end the first recording early, these are not options.

On sort of a side note here, I don't believe the second actually starts at 8:59, I think the networks are doing this to prevent Tivo'ing on some programs. I know, another conspiracy theory.