View Full Version : 1954 Willys Wagon Restoration - Back Seat Questions on Mounting

09-26-2012, 07:58 AM
Slowly rebuilding a 1954 Willys Wagon and running into some issues with back seat installation. I bought some seats from the Junk Yard out of another vehicle that are in very good condition. Looking a the back bench seat I bought and trying to figure out how to mount them into the Willys. If I put them in over they extend a little more out than a factory fit. One way is to cut a "L" into each fender well about 2" or so and it would slip in fine - then i could easy enough repair around the cut out. The next issue would be how to mount them down to the floor and secure them in. Does anyone have a link on here on how they did their back seats ? hoping there may be a easier way to put them in.