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02-02-2005, 10:11 AM
Just what the title says!! I have had 2 days to write a simple classification paper for my class. For some darn reason I just can not seem to be able to sit down and right. Usually I can write excellent papers all day long without a problem. I don't know what my problem is right now, like I said I just can't seem to concentrate and pick a frickin' topic to write about. That has always been my downfall. It takes me forever to pick a topic since I am so picky when I write. Usually it's okay for me to take a long time. However this paper is due in about 8 hours and I still can't think of a darned topic!!!

Does anyone else have this problem? What are some suggestions to get over writers block??? Unfortunately I can't just put it in 4 low and hammer down over this one!!

P.S. Sorry I just needed to vent!!

02-02-2005, 10:57 AM

Can the paper be on anything or is there a set of guidelines that need to be followed and suggestions for topics?

02-02-2005, 11:01 AM
What you need is plain old motivation. Consider this the difference between getting that $100K/yr job or having to go homeless. :D

02-02-2005, 11:32 AM
I can write about anything that I wish.

100K a year sure does sound nice... after my 8 years of up and coming schooling I hope to be at that mark or well over it!

Law school is going to be TOUGH!!

Sedona Jeep School
02-02-2005, 11:53 AM

I find that when I am having trouble writing, I am usually trying to cover too broad of an area. Pick one focused idea/topic/theme. I determine in one simple sentence what the theme or topic is, and then let it flow, and stay focused on JUST that. Write what you know or about what you are highly interested.

Happy trails!

02-02-2005, 01:11 PM
Okay everyone.. I think I got my paper done. However I am still not feeling that it is my better work. I am going to attach it below... if anyone gets bored and has a few minutes feel free to proof read it for me and let me know what I could change! E-mail me or post here... I'll check back before class tonight!!

Thanks everyone!!!!

(TAB ->)Do you ever glance off into the mountains or desert and wonder to yourself what goes on off in the distance? The average person would think of wildlife or natureís beauty and that would be it. However, there is more then just that happening out there on any given day. People are off in the distance enjoying life and living for the moment. Four wheeling is at its best, between people that are rock crawling, prerunning, or trail running. The excitement never stops. These people are dedicated to their hobby. They tend to be off in the hills at all hours of the day and night.
(TAB ->) The first form of four wheeling would be rock crawling. While it may be a fun form of four wheeling, it is also a very dangerous form. There is always a possibility of rolling a vehicle, while attempting to climb up, over or around rocks. However, some of the accidents that happen on the trail are part of the reason some people enjoy rock crawling so much. The objective of rock crawling is to traverse rocky sections of washes or trails and climb steep waterfalls. Rock crawling also requires a very strong and well built vehicle. In the process of getting from one end of the trail to the other the vehicle will be pushed to it limits. There will be times when a vehicle will be forced to use a winch or a strap to another vehicle to help pull them out of certain situations. This is a very common practice while rock crawling due to the extremely tough nature of the particular form of four wheeling.
(TAB ->) The next form of four wheeling that goes on in the distance is prerunning. Prerunning is completely different from any other form of four wheeling because it consists of very high speeds and a high level of adrenaline for the driver. The high speeds and low visibility keep the driver alert, much more than a slower paced form of four wheeling would. The fast pace is what has many people believing that prerunning is the most fun form of four wheeling. Vehicles used in prerunning are very expensive to build. However, if you want a vehicle that can handle triple digit speeds through the desert, then a safe vehicle is in order. While moving at a high rate of speed through unknown territory crashes are very likely. Many people choose to set their vehicles up with roll cages, safety harnesses and racing seats. These three devices can be a matter of life or death in a violent crash, in the desert. To some, the money is well spent for a fast, fun and exciting ride through the desert at high speeds.
(TAB->) The final form of four wheeling would be trail riding. Trail riding is much more relaxing then the previous forms of four wheeling. The intention of trail riding is to set a destination or explore unknown land in search of that perfect relaxing spot. Itís the thought of climbing to the top of a mountain to gasp at the gorgeous views, or head to no mans land, in search of the worlds many natural beauties. Trail riding can take you into far off places in the mountains or countryside. Once off in the hills you can find caves, mines, hieroglyphics and so much of the states untold history. Some of these points of interest are what draws a crowd into four wheeling. Everyone wants a chance to go where no one else ventures and marvel at the sites. Trail riding also gathers a different type of person into four wheeling. While the others focus on adrenaline junkies, trail riding is most popular among the average person. Most often trail riders are interested in seeing different sides of the world. This is when curiosity draws the average person into the seat of their four wheel drive vehicle and into the mountains.
(TAB ->) In conclusion, the mountains and desert seem peaceful, quiet and lonely but once you are inside a whole new picture opens up. Between people that are crawling over rocks, getting their adrenaline fix by racing down the trails or enjoying the scenery of the mountains, the hills never sleep. It would take a fool not to experience four wheeling at least once in their lifetime. There is a form of four wheeling out there that suits every personís interests and dreams.

02-02-2005, 07:41 PM
I can write about anything that I wish.

100K a year sure does sound nice... after my 8 years of up and coming schooling I hope to be at that mark or well over it!

Law school is going to be TOUGH!!

Justin, Write a paper on how you support single moms. :D How you feel sorry about how they are single, raising thier own kid and working thier butt off 2 days a week. Also include some of the facts about WHY you support them. How you feel bad about the working conditions that most of them have to endure, the late hours, the rude people, the drugs.....blah blah you know...should be an easy story to write. If you need any help, I would be quite happy to go do some field investigatioon with you.