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>Tuning Up the SAN
>State capitols across the country are again open for business and
>considering countless pieces of legislation, many of which affect
>the auto
>hobby. Here at the SEMA Action Network (SAN), we are working on
>new and exciting ways to inform auto enthusiasts of these
>legislative and
>regulatory initiatives.
>A focus of attention has been an improved SAN website that is user-
>friendly and puts lots of valuable information at your fingertips.
>In this
>electronic age, the website has become a great tool for linking the
>hobbyist community. We encourage our readers to take advantage of
>these new features:
>- New Logo/Link: We have developed a new SAN logo, which car
>clubs, SEMA member companies and media outlets may download and
>place on their websites. The logo can serve as a link to the SAN
>and all of the legislative/regulatory issues the SAN is on working
>on to
>benefit the auto hobby. We also encourage those who download the
>logo to feature it in their newsletters or other print publications.
>download the logo, please visit the SAN website at www.semasan.com.
>Webmasters can contact the SAN at (202) 783-6007, ext. 39 or at
>jasont@sema.org for technical assistance.
>- New Website Layout: Visitors to the SAN website will also notice a
>layout and a more user-friendly way to access information about
>that effect the auto hobby. Among the new features are
>issue pages, where you can choose a particular hobby and view
>pending legislation, action alerts and ongoing issues surrounding
>hobby. For example, classic-car enthusiasts can access information
>about scrappage issues or changes to titling and registration for
>cars. Off-road enthusiasts can view alerts about vehicle height
>restrictions, off-road access and other relevant issues. Those who
>choose to put the SAN logo on their websites have the option of
>directly to the SAN home page or to one of the hobby-specific issue
>- State Listings: Other features include the ability to view pending
>legislation and action alerts on a state-by-state basis. Individual
>issue pages will also highlight past legislative activity of
>interest to auto
>enthusiasts in each state.
>- Federal Listings: Visitors to the website can also access
>information on
>pending legislation before the U.S. Congress or regulatory
>initiatives by
>the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the
>Protection Agency and other federal agencies.
>- One-Stop Shop For Updating Address Changes: SAN members who
>have moved or have changed e-mail addresses can submit the
>information on our new member update page.
>These improvements will help in spreading the word about pending
>legislative and regulatory initiatives. The more hands that touch
>information, the more eyes that read this information and the more
>who stand up and do something with this information, the more
>effectively we protect our hobby.
>As always, we're extremely grateful to SAN members whose tireless
>efforts have produced a record of successes that is second to none.
>hope that through this SAN tune up we are able to reach out to
>enthusiasts across the country and increase the ranks of those
>willing to
>stand up for our hobby.
>Massachusetts Bill to Ban the Sale/Installation of Aftermarket
>Systems Resurfaces--Again!
>After successful efforts to stall similar legislation in 2003 and
>2004, a bill
>to ban the sale or installation of "an exhaust system which has been
>modified in a manner which will amplify or increase the noise
>emitted by
>the exhaust" will be reintroduced in the Massachusetts State
>Legislature--this time with a twist. In what is seen as a clear
>attempt to
>divide the auto hobby, the bill's sponsor included a provision that
>exclude limited-use "antique motor cars."
>House Draft 672, which will be assigned another number once
>introduced, effectively discriminates against automotive enthusiasts
>restricting exhaust systems to those installed by the motor-vehicle
>manufacturers. The bill ignores the fact that aftermarket exhaust
>are designed to increase performance, improve vehicle efficiently
>increasing emissions and are constructed with materials that improve
>durability of these exhaust systems.
>"SAN members agree that aftermarket exhaust systems should not be
>used in a way that causes overly loud or objectionable noise," said
>SEMA vice president of government affairs Steve McDonald. "However,
>we believe that this bill would ban the sale and installation of
>systems that result in modest and inoffensive noise increases."
>In some states, noise limits for modified exhaust systems are
>with an easily administered test standard. These limits are usually
>indicated in decibels and allow vehicle owners to prove compliance
>an objectively measured, fair and predictable procedure. In
>California, for
>example, a provision is made for the testing of vehicle-exhaust
>noise to
>an established noise limit of 95 decibels. A 95-decibel limit has
>also been
>enacted in Washington and Maine. "The alternative, currently in
>effect in
>Massachusetts, is to have law-enforcement authorities make a
>subjective interpretation of a modified vehicle's exhaust-noise
>level as
>compared to the noise emitted by the vehicle's original muffler,"
>McDonald added. "We find this subjective standard unacceptable as a
>method for determining a violation of the vehicle code and certainly
>unfair to the many law-abiding and responsible Massachusetts
>who choose to customize their vehicles and have no connection
>whatsoever to street racing or gang-related activity."
>SAN Massachusetts contacts should contact your state legislators in
>Boston immediately by phone, fax or e-mail in opposition to H.D.
>672. If
>you need assistance in determining who your state legislators are
>their contact information, please contact the Massachusetts state
>legislature's general information line at 617/722-2000. This
>also can be obtained by calling SEMA's Washington, D.C. office at
>783-6007 ext. 38, or accessed via the Internet at
>The SAN is particularly indebted to the Bearing Burners Car Club,
>Mass Cruisers Auto Club, the Night CruZers of Berkshire County, the
>Dominators Hot Rod Club, AAA's Car Doctor and Sweet Chariots Radio
>for their help in spreading the word on this legislation.
>All's Not Quiet on the Western Front
>Actions Against the Hobby Increase in California
>By Frank Bohanan
>When I have the occasion to talk to people about the state of the
>automotive hobby, one of the points that I consistently try to make
>is that
>the days of rabid or isolated brand loyalty are over. With ongoing
>to the auto hobby from multiple fronts, we no longer have the luxury
>being just a Chevy person or just a Ford person or a street rod
>person or
>whatever. Government agencies and environmental or consumer
>advocacy groups are increasingly relying upon such fragmentation
>the auto hobby to get their initiatives enacted.
>Currently, there are a number of measures in various stages that, if
>enacted, would be harmful to all automotive hobbyists. Of particular
>interest are actions by the California Inspection and Maintenance
>Review Committee (IMRC), an advisory board created by the California
>legislature and governor to evaluate the effectiveness of
>Smog Check program and recommend program improvements. The
>IMRC consists primarily of representatives from environmental
>groups representing stationary source polluters and staff from
>agencies associated with the state's Smog Check vehicle inspection
>maintenance program.
>While the SAN has always agreed with the goal of reducing excessive
>emissions in order to improve air quality, we disagree with the
>made by IMRC to achieve this. As many of you read about last year in
>Driving Force, the IMRC was a proponent of AB 2683, which requires
>1976 and later model-year vehicles to be emissions tested for the
>rest of
>their driving lives instead of becoming exempt when they reach 30
>of age. In spite of being presented with an overwhelming amount of
>to dispute the arguments made by supporters of AB 2683 as well as
>receiving literally thousands of messages opposing it, the
>passed the bill and it was signed by the governor last fall.
>this costly and counterproductive measure will yield no measurable
>change in air quality and is just the tip of the iceberg.
>IMRC is currently drafting recommendations to the California
>that will go even further. The following are some of the proposals
>considered by the IMRC:
>1. Annual versus biennial inspections of vehicles more than 15
>old: The SAN feels that the targeting of older vehicles is unfair
>discriminatory, especially when they are generally driven less and
>are fewer of them than newer vehicles. Gross emitters can be of any
>and, while the SAN supports the repair of these emitters, this
>unjustly targets older vehicles. This proposal also opens the door
>for the
>testing of pre-1976 vehicles, which has been openly discussed by
>2. Smoke inspections: This is a step in the right direction. In
>SEMA supported legislation in 2003 that promoted greater enforcement
>of smoking-vehicle laws. However, the proposed action would add a
>fairly subjective evaluation of a smoking vehicle made by law
>enforcement officials and would further discriminate against older
>3. Stricter re-test standards for vehicles that fail emissions
>tests: By
>establishing stricter emissions standards or "cut points," the
>hope to achieve their goal of eliminating older vehicles by making
>it more
>expensive to keep them running. If more vehicles fail their
>emissions tests
>and it costs more to repair them to achieve lower test results, many
>people will be unable to pay for the repairs and will choose to
>scrap their
>older vehicles. While the SAN supports repairing older vehicles, we
>not support lowering cut points to an unreasonable level. The SAN
>believes--and current law requires--that cut points must be
>and allow for cost-effective repairs for the majority of vehicles,
>those that are older.
>If measures such as these were applied objectively to only verified
>polluters, they would not be of great concern. Unfortunately, any
>over 15 years old is regarded as being a gross polluter by the IMRC.
>fails to account for how little these vehicles are actually driven,
>how few
>are left and, to a large extent, what their actual condition may be.
>IMRC's view, simply put, is that if it's older and has an internal
>combustion engine, then it's bad. Ultimately, its goal is to get
>vehicles off the road through what it refers to as "fleet turnover."
>Proof of this "fleet turnover" is the dramatic increase in the
>of funds made available for "vehicle retirement" or "scrappage"
>programs. Even though SEMA has testified on countless occasions
>about the flawed assumptions and overstated benefit projections of
>these programs, they continue to be a favorite mechanism of groups
>the IMRC because they get rid of the perceived problem of older
>vehicles once and for all. To the IMRC, scrappage truly is a
>solution, since it requires the destruction of older vehicles and
>their parts
>regardless of how rare or valuable they might be to enthusiasts and
>collectors. These regulators believe that it is cheaper to reduce
>emissions through scrappage programs than to require scrubbers or
>emissions controls at industrial sites.
>The efforts currently underway in California are vivid proof that
>the threat
>to the auto hobby is real. It cannot be dismissed or ignored if you
>are a
>vehicle enthusiast. Forget the rivalries and stand with those who
>may like
>a different vehicle than you do to help fend off these threats. The
>exists to help you do this, and it has been remarkably successful.
>can be sure that the SAN will be very busy this year, not only in
>but anywhere the hobby is threatened. This is what the SAN is all
>unifying and informing enthusiasts everywhere to stand up on behalf
>the auto hobby.
>Hey, That's My Car!
>Amazin' Restoration
>Owner: Jim Collura
> Monroe, North Carolina
>When I brought this home, my wife looked at me and said, "I hope
>somebody gave you that! What are you going to do with it?" I proudly
>stated, "No, I gave a guy $1,500 for that, and I'm going to fix it
>up." She
>just laughed and said, "Yeah, right."
>Specs: 1940 Pontiac 26 Deluxe; 350 Chevy bored .030 over; Pete
>Jackson Gear Drive is the only engine mod, everything else is stock;
>1984 Monte Carlo front clip; 1979 Malibu rear clip;
>17-inch American Racing wheels with Goodyear rubber on back and 16-
>inch on front; 350 Turbo automatic; tilt steering; disk brakes on
>Vintage Air; six-way electric bucket seats from 1989 Cougar;
>interior and
>glasswork by B & M Upholstery and Auto Glass in Monroe, NC;
>chop and body mods by Zeb Stegall Auto Repair in Monroe; paint by
>McNeill Designs, Monroe, NC; PPG basecoat, clearcoat, Honda green
>and silver; graphics and pinstriping by Jim Norris of South
>Thanks to all who have sent in or e-mailed us photos. Please
>continue to
>send us photos of your trail rides, restorations in progress, rod
>runs, car
>shows, charity events and drag races. Kindly submit pictures to:
>Driving Force, SEMA, 1575 South Valley Vista Dr., Diamond Bar, CA
>91765. You also may send high-resolution digital pictures (minimum
>resolution of 300 pixels per inch; minimum 5 inches wide) by e-mail
>Off-Road News
>New Federal Rules for Managing Forests
>The U.S. Forest Service issued new rules for managing the nation's
>million acres of national forests and grasslands. The revised
>system provides regional forest managers with more discretion when
>deciding whether or not to approve logging, mining or other
>"SEMA and the SAN support the Forest Service's streamlined
>management plan," said SAN director Jason Tolleson. "Forest Service
>officials must update management plans every 15 years for the 155
>national forests and 20 grasslands. The current process averages
>five to
>seven years for each plan. The new rule should create a two- or
>year process."
>In the future, environmental impact statements will be required only
>specific projects, not for each overall forest plan. Officials will
>also focus
>on maintaining healthy ecosystems rather than managing particular
>or wildlife. Additionally, social and economic considerations will
>be given
>the same emphasis as ecological sustainability.
>"The rule is consistent with the SAN's recommendation that there be
>more local input in the decision-making process," noted Tolleson.
>plan makes for more efficient and effective use of time by the local
>officials. For example, they will have more time to work with the
>community on identifying and protecting off-highway vehicle routes."
>Attention Car Clubs, Event Organizers and Enthusiasts!
>Put SAN on Your Mailing List!
>We'd like to know what's going on with SEMA Action Network clubs and
>enthusiasts across the country; what charity events you're involved
>when and where the rod runs, car shows, trail rides,
>rallies and tech meetings are held; and what legislative and
>issues concern club members and individual enthusiasts.
>One of the best ways to keep us abreast of what's going on and
>important to the vehicle hobbies nationwide is for us to receive
>your club
>newsletters and updates. Please consider placing SEMA on your
>list. Send correspondence to: Jason Tolleson, SEMA, 1317 F Street,
>N.W., Suite 500, Washington, D.C.20004-1105. Or by e-mail at
>February 5, Apache Junction
>5th Annual Benefit Classic Car, Truck, and Motorcycle and Bicycle
>Sponsor: Desert Kustoms Car Club
>February 6, Huntington Beach
>OCTO Winter Meet 2005
>Sponsor: Orange County Transporter Organization
>Information: www.octo.org or 714/891-4079
>February 20, Glendale
>"United We Drive..." Car Show
>Sponsor: Sanderson Ford
>Information: www.azautohobbyist.com or 623/435-8961
>February 5, San Juan Capistrano
>CARE Car Show benefiting Capistrano Animal Rescue Effort
>Information: info@capoanimalrescue.com or 949/240-1735
>February 25 - 27, San Diego
>39th Annual BIG 3 Auto Parts Exchange and Car Corral
>Information: www.big3partsexchange.com or 619/276-7135
>February 4-6, Live Oak
>7th Annual Blooddrag
>Information: www.blooddraginc.com or 561/436-8217
>February 10-13, Kissimmee
>13th Annual Winter Nationals
>Sponsor: Classic Chevy/Worldwide Camaro & Classic Camaro of Central
>Information: www.classicchevy.com or 321/385-9703
>February 11-13, Boca Raton
>Collector Car Auction at Royal Palm Polo Grounds
>Information: www.rmauctions.com
>February 24-27, Zephyrhills
>31st Annual Winter AutoFest
>Information: www.zephyrhillsfestival.com or 813/258-6726
>February 27, Richmond
>Vintage Wheels, Inc. 2nd Annual Late Winter Swap Meet and Car Corral
>Information: 765/966-0541
>February 26-27, Monticello
>36th Annual Rod & Custom Car Show
>Sponsor: O'Reilly Auto Parts
>Information: www.rodandcustomcarshow.com or 319/465-5119
>February 25-27, Gonzales at Lamar Dixon Expo Center
>1st Annual Mega Show LA Cars For Kids
>Information: www.la-carsforkids.org or 225/294-3782
>February 11-13, Ocean City
>25th Annual Ocean City Hot Rod & Custom Car Show
>Sponsor: Special Event Productions Inc.
>Information: www.specialeventpro.com or 410/798-6304
>February 4 -9, Novi Expo Center
>6th Motorama
>Sponsor: TBJ Productions
>Information: 248/280-0342
>February 5-6, Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds
>Kalamazoo Antique Auto Show
>Sponsor: Kalamazoo Antique Auto Restorers Club
>Information: 269/342-9816
>February 27, Jackson at Washington County Fair Grounds
>Annual Greater Milwaukee Area Winter Swap Meet
>Sponsor: Model A Ford Club
>Information: oilyrag@prodigy.net
>February 12, Waveland at Henderson Ford
>4th Annual Day at Charlie's benefiting St. Jude's
>Sponsor: Mississippi Coast Mustang Club and Henderson Ford
>February 24 -27, Atlantic City
>Convention Center
>Atlantic City Classic Car Show
>Information: www.acclassiccars.com or 800/227-3868
>February 13, Willoughby Hills
>Tony La Riche Chevrolet Swap Meet
>Sponsor: Northern Ohio Classic Chevy Club
>Information: 440/286-3016
>February 18-20, Dayton at Hara Arena Complex
>42nd Annual Autorama Car Show
>Information: 937/294-7805
>February 20, Lorain
>Swap Meet at Joe Firment Chevy
>Sponsor: Lake Erie OH Region VCCA
>Information: 440/734-5486
>February 26, Columbus at Ohio State Fair Grounds
>10th Annual Winter Chrysler Classic
>Sponsor: Classic Events
>Information: www.classicevents.com or 614/268-1181
>February 18-20, Portland
>Portland Rod & Custom Show
>Information: www.hotrodshows.com
>February 19-20, Central Point
>28th Annual Southern Oregon Rod & Custom Show
>Sponsor: Rogue Valley Street Rods
>Information: 541/770-5892
>February 19-20, Harrisburg at the Farm Show Complex
>27th Annual Motorama
>Information: 717/359-7056
>February 25 to 27, Pittsburgh at David Lawrence Center
>44th Annual World of Wheels
>Sponsor: Carquest Auto Parts
>Information: www.worldofwheels.com or 412/487-8348
>February 25-27, Rapid City
>Counts Car Show at Rushmore Plaza Civic Center
>Information: 605/343-3616
>February 19, Houston
>Swap Meet at Sam Houston Race Park
>Sponsor: SCAAA
>February 19 - 20, Conroe at the Montgomery County Fair Grounds
>10th Annual Winter Conroe Swap Meet & Car Corral
>Information: 254/859-5364
>February 19-20, Puyallup
>31st Annual Earlybird Swap Meet
>Sponsor: Tacoma Model T Ford Club
>Information: 253/863-6211
>February 27, Jackson at Washington County Fairgrounds
>Greater Milwaukee All Makes Swap Meet
>Sponsor: Model A Ford Club
>Newly Introduced Legislation
>Note: The following state bills are not laws. They were recently
>introduced and are currently under consideration by the respective
>All-Terrain Vehicles
>South Carolina HB 3087: Provides for the registration and licensing
>of all-
>terrain vehicles
>Emissions/ Inspections
>New Hampshire HB 40: Requires all recreational vehicles to be
>inspected annually by July 1.
>Massachusetts HD 3630: Relates to the inspection of custom vehicles.
>Pennsylvania HB 2944: Provides for coordination of emissions and
>inspections. Requires a vehicle emissions inspection prior to
>of a vehicle safety inspection or executing repairs required to pass
>safety inspection Equipment
>New Hampshire LSR 60: Prohibits the use or installation of radar
>scrambler devices in motor vehicles
>New Jersey SB 1924: Requires dealer to disclose missing or defective
>emissions control equipment in used motor vehicle under certain
>Pennsylvania SB 1256: Sets fine at $25 for vehicles exceeding 11,000
>lbs that are not equipped with rear wheel shields
>Texas HB 160: Relating to motor vehicle recording devices. Defines
>recording device, requires disclosure before sale and requires a
>subpoena for a law enforcement officer to retrieve recorded data.
>Kentucky BR 295: Requires that headlights must be in use when
>atmospheric conditions require the use of windshield wipers
>New Hampshire LSR 51: Requires daylight headlight use during
>inclement weather
>Montana SB 61: Creates "Montana Recreation Responsibility Act."
>Provides that a person who engages in a sport or recreation activity
>assumes inherent risk in that sport; limits liability of the
>providers of a sport
>or recreation activity.
>New Hampshire LSR 938: Establishes a committee to study a recycling
>fee for automobiles
>Utah HB 16: An Act to repeal the Vehicle Equipment Safety
>Muffler/Exhaust Noise
>Massachusetts HD 652: Prohibits the sale or installation of "an
>system which has been modified in a manner which will amplify or
>increase the noise emitted by the exhaust."
>New Hampshire LSR 44: Relates to noncommercial antique motor
>vehicle restoration activities
>Montana SB 65: Removes tires from the definition of "component part"
>of a junk vehicle
>Vehicle Height
>Utah HB 24: Amends current vehicle code to apply aftermarket
>limitations to adjustments of frame height, wheelbase and bumper
>to all vehicles, not just vehicles 15000 lbs or less.
>Vehicle Racing
>Florida HB 71: Relating to motor vehicle speed competitions;
>that vehicles used in violation of current subsection may be seized
>the Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act.
>Georgia HB 20: Relates to motor vehicle window tint restrictions.
>Regulates the application or affixing of light transmission reducing
>materials or glazing.
>New Jersey AB 3449: Waives light transmittance standards for
>supplemental windshield sun screen materials to meet needs of
>persons with acute photosensitivity.
>Utah HB 24: Amends current vehicle code to allow rear side windows
>have nontransparent material on them
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