View Full Version : Alternator instalation into a 1990 Nissan 240sx needed

06-15-2012, 04:58 PM
I need someone to cram an alternator into my 240SX.......... It really needs to be removed and replaced from underneath....... does anyone want to do it for $40.00 bucks or so, I'm on a budget, but I need this thing put in.
I'm in Mesa, I would feel better if you did it in my driveway, because it wont run with a dead battery, I have a fully charged battery, but I don't know how far the car will go not charging, and when the battery dies, the car stops, believe me........ I have pushed it out of several intersections.......
I have ramps, floor jack, jack stands, it's dirty under there and does not look like fun.........
Steve-O 602-524-3580

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06-16-2012, 03:52 PM
Give me a call... 480 3 six nine 3 one 4 eight