View Full Version : Electric to gas conversion need a start.

04-20-2012, 09:30 PM
An aquaintance of mine gave me this Piece of junk melex electric golf cart. I'm thinking of restoring it and converting it into gas. I would like to find a wrecked quad or motorcycle that I can take the guts out of. (Motor, trany, sm alt, ect) I would prefer an auto or non clutch tans for the wife. I was considering a B&S, but I want reverse. then its all about fabrication to get it all in there.

any help would be great Thanks

Im not looking for just an engine... Im realy looking for a salvage yard that has quads, side by side even motorcycle, if I can figure out how to put it into reverse. Anyone know where one is on the east side. Pref east mesa, but anywhere would help.

04-20-2012, 11:25 PM
hey that dude up on 87 just 20 miles from payson would have what your lookin for!HE'S GOT EVERYTHING THERE!
he's in Rye Arizona!