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01-02-2005, 06:38 PM
Tom Jacobson, Mike Hiett and I ran Elvis and Jackhandle today. It was a laid back run on two milder trails, although each has lines that can make them harder than necessary.

Mike got high centered on a boulder on Elvis. He ended up sitting on his Kilby gas tank skid which prevented him from putitng a major dent in his fuel tank. A quick yank by Tom and he was off and running again.

Jackhandle (named for the frequent fix required when this trail beats on your tie rod) was fun and sure enough, yours truly suffered a bent tie rod. How much are those high steer kits? Luckily it wasn't taco'd so it was driveable as it was, but it will need to be straightened before the next trip.

On the way out, a nut on a 3-wheeler came up behind us, flew by and took off. Later, while headig out through Box Canyon we came upon a group of quad riders tending to the same guy. He'd gone tearing through the canyon (no helmet) and flipped his ATV, smashing his face into a rock and presumably suffered a broken nose. We offered up our first aid kits to the woman who was tending him. Everyone helping was from groups other than his own. His own friend was ahead of him and wasn't aware of the accident, but later turned back to go check on him. He looked like he'd be OK once the bleeding stopped, but he's going to have a couple of black eyes and swollen face for awhile. Hope he learned to wear protection and drive slower next time.

It was a fun day. Thanks to Tom for leading.

Pics: http://community.webshots.com/album/242870914isyOna

01-02-2005, 08:16 PM
I think Matt is going to be our official photographer....:D

Cool write up and pics!

I assume he just slid right off the rocks...? No paint or sheetmetal scrapes? :D



01-02-2005, 08:39 PM
Tom knew he'd put those SimplyOffroad corners to the test when we got to that squeeze, so I made sure to get some pics. They did their job wonderfully. His YJ slid along the rock with just a small scrape in the plastic.

Dave and I had trouble hooking up before, but let me know when is a good time and I'll stop by to have the CJ fitted for a pair and let you guys make a template. Everytime I go out I find myself in situations where I would be putting them to the test :D

btw, here are a few more I didn't upload to webshots...



01-02-2005, 11:56 PM

Sweet shots...
I've got some special stuff for you to test out...

Call me this week.. cell 480-720-1041 or hm 480-917-3021
I killed my cell phone but can still check the messages..
I'm usually up around 3pm...


Tom Jacobson
01-04-2005, 11:22 AM
Mike/Dave -

Yeah...the guards worked great! Like Matt said, I knew I could give them a little test in that particular spot, as it seems to ALWAYS grab your tub just over the rear pass-side tire. Just look at all the paint on that rock! There's some of mine on there as well from a previous hit, too.

It wasn't a violent hit, but pretty much the same as the time I went thru without the guards. That instance left a decent crease/gouge in my sheet metal about 2ft long.

Only one issue... new rear light wiring is a little messed up. When I actuate the turn signal (in either direction), both rear lights flash. Front and dash signal lights work fine, though. I HATE electricity, so unless it's something extremely easy you can tell me how to fix over the net, maybe we can hook up later this week (Fri anytime?) to have a look at it?

Thanks for the great work on the corners!