View Full Version : LQ4/4L80E Dana60/80 FS North Valley

04-18-2011, 10:11 PM
Like subject says. LQ4 from 2006 truck (or so I am told) with mated 4L80E. It's 2wd tranny but I bought the np241 and adapter. The output shaft is all splined so it can be cut to 4wd or bolt the tailhousing up and run 2wd. I also have a NP241 for it. Have the PCM (not sure if it's good but I was told it was). Loom and a couple intakes (the one on it is broken so I have a replacement). I was told it has approx 80k miles and from a 2006 cab and chassis 2500HD. Heads are 317 from memory.


Would like 2500$ for all of it, not breaking it up. If you want 2wd you get free adapter and xfercase

Also have driver drop balljoint dana 60 front from 2000 dodge 2500 diesel with mated dana80 3.xx gears 3.55? Dana 60 is 32 spline and rear is 35 spline.

Keeping mated set looking for $800

You can have it all for $2800 ca$h money.