View Full Version : In need of a roommate

09-28-2004, 12:50 AM
OK here's the deal. We are moving into a house in Febuary and we need a roommate we are looking at about 1600 square foot houses in east mesa. It will be a 3 bedroom house. We will only move into a house that at least have a 2 car garage but no cars will be parking in it all the time it will be a workshop. Anyone who moves in will have full use of the tools and space in the garage for whatever projects they want, tools include full rachet sets and wrenches a 20 ton press, tubing bender with 1 3/4 die, 220 volt ac/dc stick welder, grinders, drills and various jacks and stands, also various woodworking tools. We are all in college and stay up late and are noisy till around 1 or so. So we are looking for a person similar in age 18-24. The rent would be around 350 dollars plus utilites depending on how much the total rent is. We are also might have a dog so the person must be pet friendly. If interested please either post here or p.m. me and we can talk more about it.