View Full Version : Indian Larry is dead

Marv Miller
09-04-2004, 11:32 AM
I saw some stuff posted on another jeep forum from eBay, thought it was a very bad joke. But did a google search, and it's in the news also. Can't remember what few details I saw, but it seems he crashed while performing stunts. He was notorious for standing on the bike's saddle at 50-60 MPH with his arms outstretched tooling down the highway. Dunno if this is what he was doing or not, no helmet of course.

Larry was an old-school chopper maestro, seen on "Great Biker Buildoffs" or something on the Discovery channel. An artist/fabricator/mechanic.

Thought maybe some of you would be interested. A sad time in the chopper world.

09-04-2004, 01:14 PM
Yes it is true, Larry left the world last sat. of last week.I believe doing his stunts in front of a crowd. He will truly be missed in my world he was on of the best old school chopper builders of our time.
He lived his life as it was written all over him in his Tatt's.
R.I.P - Larry I'll see you one day and maybe we will get our knees in the breeze together.
J. Snowden