View Full Version : 2 dogs needing a good home.

08-26-2010, 10:34 AM
1st one is Fargo,we guess he is around 5yrs old, he is a great dog that we found at wallmart a few months ago, he is sweet and very gentle. We think he is a husky/shar-pai mix. I would love to keep him but I have almost no work, right now, and cant afford the expensive dog food he needs. he is neutered and has shots. really a great dog. We are moving soon and is too big for our new lease.


The second is a rat terrior (bandit about a year old) that was going to the pound so we saved him. He is not fixed, but has an apointment to be fixed on the 8th. He is a funny little dog, but kinda shy when you first meet him, he needs lots of attention. Unfortunatly we cant keep him either. We are moving soon and must keep a limit on our dogs to only 2.

So if anyone knows of a good home for either of these dogs please let me know! wih money the way it is right now, I dont know how much longer we can take care of them.