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07-29-2010, 06:51 PM
The Krause Historic Jeep Collection is being auctioned in August. There are over thirty Jeeps in the collection. These are some great looking military Jeeps. Google, AUMANNAUCTIONS.COM, scroll down past the tractors to find the Jeeps.

My favorite is the split window Jeep with the large gun sticking through the windshield. Anyone know what the gun is?


07-29-2010, 10:03 PM
I wish I had the money to purchase one. The split window Jeep is a M38A1 with a 106MM recoiless rifle mounted on it.

07-30-2010, 09:26 AM
thats a shane there gonna be sold they should stay together in a museum.

08-14-2010, 07:13 AM
Here's what they sold for.

GPA $160,000
MA $55,000
GP $ 48,000
BRC $42,000
Slat grill $33,000
Ford script $22,000
MB $20,000
GPW $22,000
M825A1 $7,500
Mule $8,000
M416B1 $1,600
WWII trailer $2,500
M416 $ 500.
CJV35U $12,000
M170 $10,000
M422 $11,500
M422E1 $12,000
M422A1 $11,000
M422A1 $11,000
M151 $7,500
M151A1 $4,000
M151A2 $6,000
M151 Mine detector jeep $18,000
M38A1C $11,000
M151A1C $11,000
M718 $8,500
M718A1 $11,000
M825 $20,000
M38A1 $18,000

The other stuff was all but given away
VC1 dodge command car $5,000
VC1 Dodge command cae $7,500
VC3 dodge closed cab pickup $6,000
VC5 Dodge open cab pickup $7,000
VC6 Dodge carryall, one of 24 only one restored in world $15,000
Ford Marmon Herrington open cab 4x4 pickup $9,000

10-04-2010, 05:17 PM
Posted by jeepfan - jeep accessories (http://www.jeeppartsplanet.com)

wranglers don't need big horsepower they can go up mountains, can turn around in a swtich back instead of falling off a cliff. What else do you need? I'd definately take gobbs of grip over speed any day.
How about the military jeeps, I was thinking of those?