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06-18-2004, 07:55 AM
We recently became informed of the following and wanted to let everyone know in case any of you would be interested in helping out.
Since 1988, Out of Africa Wildlife Park has been in business on the Fort McDowell Indian Reservation. We have NEVER missed a rent payment, or payment of the Indian Tax levied on all park income. We have built the park from a few benches, seven big cats, a couple habitats, and few native trees, to 335 animals, hundreds of mature trees over the entire 16 acres. We are known all over the country, and world, as one of the most unique and interactive wildlife parks in the world. Visitors come from everywhere to observe, to experience the love and respect for the animals, and learn from our educational, and entertaining presentations.

On May 5, 2004, our landlords, the Ft. McDowell Tribal Council presented us with an EVICTION notice. The notice states that the Ft. McDowell Yavapai Nation will take the following action toward the park property and WILDLIFE. This included seizure, impoundment, sale and disposal, WILDLIFE disposal, double financial penalties as authorized by TRIBAL LAW, if Out of Africa Wildlife Park, does not completely vacate and restore the land by 5:00 PM this June 30, 2004. That which has taken 16 years to create must now be undone in 30 DAYS. The council has refused our humble request for even a two-week extension and USDA's request (US Dept. regulating animals on exhibit) for even a two-day extension for the park and animals. We cannot do this without the publics help in volunteering their time to save the animals and park. We had planned to do this ourselves, but over the next 13 months.

We have tractors and trucks lined up to tear down and restore the land to meet the council's requirements for the new RV park they have planned for this location. There are many individuals and companies offering aid to this bleak situation, but we need more. We are building up north, at our new location in Camp Verde as fast as we can, to get water, electricity, and temporary enclosures built for the animals. WE URGENTLY NEED AN ARMY OF VOLUNTEERS, to meet the deadline and save the animals.

Won't you please consider a few hours of your time if you are physically able? Volunteers should come with the following: gloves, hats, sunscreen, water, food and minimal tools like wire cutters, hammers, small wrenches and one each of flat and phillips screwdrivers, as we do not have enough tools to go around. We urgently need your help in BOTH locations. Please tell your friends, neighbors, work associates, and any groups you may know. Your prayers and help are appreciated and greatly needed to with this unexpected race against time.

To VOLUNTEER contact a coordinator, or just show up any day 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Ft. McDowell location:
Volunteer Coordinator Katie
480 837-6683 Fax 480 837-7379
email: Pinkie3012@cox.net
Mike Rose - Mrose00l@aol.com - 602-957-7772

Camp Verde location:
Volunteer Coordinator Doug
928 637-0078 or 928 300-0802
email: dkarnes47@msn.com

06-18-2004, 11:20 PM
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