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06-16-2004, 01:15 PM
Please grab the phone and make a call to your congress critters District Offices
Go here to find your officials: BlueRibbon Coalition and click on the tab on top that says RAPID RESPONSE CENTER.

Drop them an email AND/or make a call. TODAY or TONIGHT, please. We need to be counted on this one. If you get a recorder, leave a message with your name and address/phone.

Tell them something like this (and this is important to us):

Please support Duncan Hunter's amendment to the Dept. of Interior Appropriations Bill wherein Congressman Hunter is asking that our recreational fees do NOT get used for biological and ecological studies.

The point is that at Glamis, for example, they spent over one million dollars of our recreational fees on studying an endangered species and possible future endangered species so they can close us out. This is not right. They should get that money from somewhere else -- like the environmental community or where ever. But it should not come from our rec fees of any type, whether that be user fees, fee demo, OHV Trust Fund, Green Sticker, etc.

Thanks, please take a moment and make the call.
Todd :cool:

06-16-2004, 02:57 PM
To make this easier for folks, here are the links...

BRC - http://www.blueribbon.org
Rapid Response Center - http://capwiz.com/share/home/

Used my zip but info is the same for us all...

Arizona Elected Officials - http://capwiz.com/share/officials/congress/?state=AZ&azip=85297&lvl=C&district=06

Senator McCain Info - http://capwiz.com/share/bio/?id=192&lvl=C&azip=85297&bzip=

Senator Kyl Info - http://capwiz.com/share/bio/?id=203&lvl=C&azip=85297&bzip=

Representative Flake Info - http://capwiz.com/share/bio/?id=10928&lvl=C&azip=85297&bzip=