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Fire Ball
12-28-2009, 02:58 PM
I am very flattered that people ask me a lot of questions in the forums and in many more in PM's about animal care. Many people on here know that I am one of those nut jobs that if it came down to it, I would have a tough time choosing not to save a dog's life even over a human. Humans have the ability to care for themselves, animals don't.

Digger asked me if I had ever heard of the plight of "Dogpatch"... an area of southern AZ near Tucson. Yes I have heard of it. I am also VERY familiar with the workings of Pinal Animal Care Center (PACC). See related story.


Nancy's question is what prompted me to write this rant. Thanks for getting my blood pressure up girl :)

People have accused PACC of being a slaughter house, that is ridiculous, of course it is a slaughter house. This underfunded facility is completely overwhelmed with the worst of the worst. I am always disturbed when I get an email about a Border Collie at PACC. I hate going there and when we have a BC there it is a race against time to get them out ASAP.

Just for numbers say they get in 100 dogs, they might have room for only 10 so that means 90 are SOL. How do they choose? Nervous? DEAD. Anxiety? DEAD. Snarl over food just once, DEAD. Bite a handler, killed then DEAD. Only the calmest, cutest, happiest dogs even have a chance.

OH guess what, another 50 dogs are coming in so the last batch of cute cuddly happy dogs now must compete against the next batch to stay alive. Not to worry though because most of these dogs have been abused and neglected so much that if you are a good dog, you are probably going to be one of the few to get rescued. Adopted, not likely.

So you see, I try as hard as I possible to be as objective and helpful as I can. It just saddens me that there are so few laws and even less enforcement to protect the poor little guys. It is such a struggle to try to educate people of the consequences of their actions.

If you have come to me for advice on pet care and you feel I am getting up in your face and giving you a hard time about how you are caring for your pets, relax, I'm never gonna really tell you how I feel about you. At least until I feel all options have run out. **** it's not that hard, get their vaccinations, give them shelter, feed them good food. Hey throw in some exercise and discipline (not punishment) which you need anyway and life is good. You will get nothing but love in return.

If you are gone all day and live in an apartment, don't get working breeds and sport dogs. You are only asking for trouble. Pits, retrievers, hounds, pointers, shepherds etc. all need something to do as well as just plain exercise. One of the most common questions I get is how do I get my dog to stop destroying my house. Answer, spend some time with them. There is not a product on the planet that can cure dog boredom. There are more issues to "separation anxiety" as people call it but I'm gonna have to rant another day for that one.

If money is an issue for animal care, don't have a pet. By law if you have an animal in your possession you are legally and financially responsible for that animal. If Animal Control comes to your house because I called them, you are probably in deep **** because by that time I have gathered enough evidence to have the animal seized and hopefully worse... for you that is :)

There are several people on this site who feel the same as I do and actually contribute more than I do to animal welfare. I bow to them and thank them for their effort. You know who you are :)

12-28-2009, 03:58 PM
Well said..i cant stand irresponsible pet owners.

Fire Ball
12-28-2009, 05:07 PM
Well said..i cant stand irresponsible pet owners.

Agreed, but wose yet is plain abuse ... enough to make you pull your hair out :aagh:

I saw a guy kick a dog at the dog park the other...he kicked this little lap dog so hard it raised about a foot off the ground and landed about 4 feet away. As I dialed animal control I told him if he kicked that dog agin I would derail his day...

He gets all in my face through the fence and tells me to mind my own business... who you calling...

I told him that I had dialed animal control but hung up and am now calling 911...

He says "You think I'm scared of what they are gonna do.. they won't even come out here for a stupid dog..."

I told him the police are not who he needs to be afraid of, if he hurt that dog again I will ****ing END him right here...right now. He left with the dog and has never returned to the park.. sure wish I had a chance to stop him :(

I can't believe the stuff people do to animals.

12-28-2009, 05:15 PM
My only arrest in the City of Phoenix, was for a guy at Encanto park beating his dog for not retrieving, now i"m not talking a swat, I talking lease holding and wailing away with a 2x3,
I asked him to stop once, he waved the lumber at me and I drop kicked him then commenced a beating, took my wife and three others to end it. We/wife and kids took the dog home and kept her, as they left her tied to a tree when they ran the ***** head outta there, she was never beat by him or anyone else again.
I spent hours being run thru the system till arraigned, then out on OR and it was dropped a few days later.
A person that will be cruel to animals especially domesticated ones, deserves to be treated the same. I grew up on a Ranch/farm and certain things one must do in training, and beating them is not one, nor withholding proper food and water.

I dispise folks that are cruel to critters as much as child molesters in fact I figure animal beaters are a little lower.