View Full Version : H2H in Florence Juntion (April 10th)

03-31-2004, 11:24 AM
I'm going to be heading out to Florence Junction Friday evening (April 9th),
camping out and hitting the trails Saturday morning (April 10th). Probably
going to run Highway to Hell and if time allows, other stuff. Feel free to join me.
Not sure where a good place to meet would be as I will be camping along the main entry road into that area. Will probably head out about 7-8 am that

In case you go looking for me, my Jeep is an orange tubed rear with
nasty ugly green hood and cowling on 38's. See you there if you can make

Reply back to this message if you think you will be coming. I would like to
put together a list. Hope to see ya there...........

Jay Eller