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Sandee McCullen
03-26-2004, 05:32 PM
OK guys.................... I need help!!!

As most of you know Forest Service has been threatening to close Sycamore for years. I have FINALLY convinced them to let the OHV groups help with managing this area.................


April 19, 2004
Mesa Ranger District
5140 E. Ingram Street
Mesa, AZ
6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

I specifically need those of you that play in this area and know the area. The ATV and Dirt Bike groups will also be invited. I need approximately 25 - 30 4x4's at this meeting.

PLEASE R.S.V.P. and let me know if you want to be part of this organizing committee. It will most likely be an ongoing partnership to get us through plans, funding and implementation. This will also be on going for a couple of years and then following that formation portion, this group will help take over the "management" and "patrol" of this area.

If WE don't step in and show our responsibility this area will be closed.

Some of the issues will be: Widowmaker being a directional trail; build some play areas such as a tire pit, log jamb, rock pile, camping sites, information kiosks, trail signs and maybe fencing the entire area.

This type partnership can work but it takes EVERYONE cooperating.

Please RSVP as soon as possible.

THANKS, Sandee

03-30-2004, 03:25 PM
This is important that we support it! Wear Red and we need a large turnout to show that we do not stand for any area closures. If we do not show up in numbers for this what area is next? Not all will need to be on the committee we need numbers to give those of us that jump into the committee power!
Please help support this we have a lot of Jeeps in this area, give up a couple hours to help out.
Jim F.

04-19-2004, 10:40 PM
I was very impressed to see the turnout at the meeting tonight. We had a lot of AZVJC, and Mike Wixom got a great turnout from the Dust Devils. We had RockRats on hand along with Sandee and Jack from the ARC.
The motorcycles and ATVís had a good crowd on hand, which is nice to see again. A year ago I had never seen them at a meeting now they are regulars.
This meeting set up a core group of 12 members to start to build the Friends of Sycamore to preserve this area through recreation management. This will be a long process with the end product expected in about 8 years. The meetings are the third Tuesday of every month at the Mesa Forest Office at 7:00 PM anyone is welcome at the meetings.
I thank everyone that showed up and let Mesa Forest Service know we are very interested.

The core group is
Barry Krayer Moto
Sandee McCullen
Randy Davis
Michael Davis
Eric Thompson
Kelly Hopstaken
John Miller
Matt Scoutten
Rich Smith
Jim Florence
Ken Sheilds
Kevin Fales
This group will be doing a lot of work for the next few years.
Jim F.

04-20-2004, 03:41 PM
For the people interested in the discusion forum for this group this is the link
Jim F.

Sandee McCullen
04-21-2004, 04:26 AM
Correction to the Core Group List of the Friends of Sycamore:

The core group is
Barry Krayer ATR
Sandee McCullen OHV
Randy Davis 4x4
Michael Davis s/b Michael Drawsky 4x4
Eric Thompson 4x4
Kelly Hopstaken 4x4
John Miller ATV
Matt Scoutten (new club ATR?)
Rich Smith ATR
Jim Florence 4x4
Ken Sheilds 4x4
Kevin Fales Dirt Bike... no club

I've got copy of the sign-in sheet and will have this contact information out to everyone ASAP. Until the AzOHV Coalition WEB site is up and running we can use the above listed site for communications. Between now and May 18 hopefully everyone will make a list of "the pie in the sky" of what you'd like to see in this area. From there we will start eliminating or adding by process of evaluation. Hearing the Mesa District Ranger actually agree to OHV and "futuristic" plans for this area is a huge step for us............ most agency managers want to live and function under the management criteria of 20-30 years ago or "close" if they don't want to be bothered with "management".

THANKS to all that showed for this meeting.............. hope to see a lot more of you in the upcoming years to see your efforts develop into something positive for all of us. Jim will be our lead in this project........ he "sort of" volunteered! THANKS JIM!!!


04-21-2004, 04:46 PM
Jim will be our lead in this project........ he "sort of" volunteered! THANKS JIM!!!


:eek: I must have left to early I don't remember this part :D
Jim F.
BTW I will do the best I can.

04-27-2004, 12:58 AM
As Bruce mentioned at the meeting last week, he and I used to live in the PNW and belonged to a group called the Oregon BushHackers. We wheeled in the Tillamook State Forest OHV area which has been highly successuflly managed by the Oregon Department of Forestry with major input from local OHV clubs.

Each year in April, Oregon's SOLV organization holds it's SOLV-IT cleanups in TSF, during which many OHV'ers join forces with ODF and SOLV folks to clean up the areas we use to recreate. Following is a trip report from one of our friends after this past weekends SOLV-IT event. Volunteer turn out would have been even higher but many OHV'ers/HAMs were already committed to working an auto rally going in TSF at the same time.

I'll post a followup with pics if any of those who participated post any.



Stephanie did a good job with a trip report. I've copied it below.

OBH had about 70-80% turn out on commit. Not bad based on normal statistics. OBH was the largest single contingent turn out for the envent!!!

Post SOLV we hung at the sand shed until 1:30 to insure we didn't lose anyone. Took a quick run down Archers from can opener to the waterfall. A few were challenged along the way, & everyone was in good spirits.

I have two take away's from the run.
1. ALWAYS, I mean ALWAYS air down to normal trail pressure. Especially if you haven't been out for a while.
2. Once you decide you're ready to head home. Do that. Cost me a U-Joint & a Warn Axle.
3. It's best when ALL the fuel injectors are working... I lost an injector a few miles from home. Made the last few miles quite entertaining.

Post run a about 5 or 6 of us BBQ'd a bit at my place an hung out in the shop. Power was out all down Green Mt and Pihl until about 8:00 so we had a bit of pseudo camp fire around the propane heaters and hung the lantern just in time to have the power come back on. Perfect timing to watch some video's.

Unfortunately, Gil, Gordon and the Ralley crew were up late working their duties and didn't make it by. We listened via HAM to much of the event throughout the day. As I retired for the eve I could still hear the sweep crews out and one recovery crew pulling a vehicle out of a ditch.

Like all good experiances, not all goes as planned, you meet new people and fun is had.

In all it was a great day. Thanks for all that participated!!!


See Stephanies trip report below:

The annual SOLV Clean-Up event was held Saturday, April 24th on the Forest Grove District. The event was a great success as recreationists and ODF staff pulled together to remove an amazing amount of garbage and debris from the Tillamook State Forest.

Wayne Brown of the Reforestation Unit led a team of volunteers from the Oregon Bush Hackers to remove tires and to clean-up several dumpsites located throughout the Wheeler Basin.

Kevin Burdon of the Reforestation & Protection Units, worked with a team to clean several sites in the Beaver Dam Road, and Saddle Mountain areas. They returned with garbage ranging from a television to household debris.

Mike Haasken of the Marketing Unit with Wayne Salisbury & Wendy Zurcher of OET, led volunteers to identified dumpsites along Rutherford Road, University-Falls Road, Drift Creek, and Storeybury Road. Among other things they retrieved a sofa, tires, and miscellaneous scrap metal

Drew Walker of the Protection Unit supported by Bruce Harris of the Recreation/ Engineering Unit and Mark Reed of the Marketing Unit led a group from the Oregon Bush Hackers 4x4 club to remove the remains of two "classic" trucks, assorted garbage, and furniture items from the Section 10 and Sheilds Road areas.

Terry Marshall of the Road Crew, led members of the Oregon Bush Hackers to remove a truck from the Dober Road, tires from the Wildcat area, a truck-top camper and miscellaneous scrap metal.

Tom Kennedy of the Tillamook State Forest Trail Patrol led a group to remove the remains of an abandoned travel trailer from under the Powerline Access Trail followed by a thourough cleaning of the Beaver Dam Rock pit. The group filled four pick-ups and a 6x12 trailer full to overflowing with debris left behind by target shooters.

Dean & Lesa Tabert of the Tillamook State Forest Trail Patrol coordinated the registration area, assisted returning groups in unloading their collected debris, and tracked the amount of tires collected by each team.

Ray Wold & Chet Wolter of Oregon Equestrian Trails led a spring work-party in Stagecoach Horse Camp. The group spread nearly 10 yards of gravel to cover the floors all the horse corrals in the campground.

In all 52 volunteers and 7 ODF employees removed:
* 200 tires
* approximately 6 tons of garbage
* 3 vehicles
* 1 truck top camper
* approximately 4 tons of scrap metal
* 6 appliances
* 1 travel trailer
* Clubs and Organizations that were represented included:
* Oregon Bush Hackers
* Cascade Cruisers
* Portland United Mountain Pedalers
* Oregon Equestrian Trails
* Brush Busters
* Businesses that donated services were:
* Sweet's Septic which donated two porta-potties for the event
* SWATCO Sanitary Service which provided three 30-yard dumpsters for the clean-up

Thanks to all who participated for helping achieve another successful SOLV event!

Stephanie A. Beall
Recreation Specialist
Forest Grove District

04-30-2004, 01:26 PM
Someone posted a few pics of some of the larger items removed from TSF (along with some wheelin pics)...