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10-14-2009, 02:43 PM

yes, we know the AX5 isn't all that popular, but on occasion someone will want one. well, here is a super deal if you need one.

AX5 trans, bought from a NAXJA or AZVJC member quite a while back. it came from their fathers wrecked XJ, the seller told me it shifted fine when pulled. I relied on his word and you will have to as well since i never drove on it. i don't recall the mileage.

I bought it because my cheap XJ project needed a trans, and i thought i could replace it cheap....so, also included are the rest of the nickel and dime items i had collected before abandoning the 2.5 for a 4.0. All but the items listed "new in package" i have installed on my XJ, but never even started the engine with it installed. hell, i never finished the install... i still need to pull it all off.

New but installed centerforce clutch kit
Flywheel i had cut and reinstalled about 6 months ago (may have surface rust from sitting, wont know until i get the trans back out.)
New and installed internal slave cylinder/throw out bearing. the retaining strap is not broken yet - paid over $100 for this
new transmission mount paid ~$20
New in package clutch master cylinder - was $75 at autozone
New in package clutch hose for trans side - forgot what i paid for it, but i think it was around $20

I would love to get some money back out of this or trade it for something i could use on my new project. don't be afraid to offer a trade, worst i can say is no.

$225.00 OBO or TRADE
in maricopa but i can deliver to chandler/gilbert/ahwatukee.
over the next few weeks I'll be deciding if i should sell whole or part out my former project 2 door XJ, keep an eye out for new listings.

10-18-2009, 09:03 AM
you still have this? my ax5 just blew up in my 90 wrangler. I would be interested in all of it. give me a call if you still have it. I can come get it on a saturday or sunday. 623-640-2794 thanks

10-18-2009, 09:19 AM
pending me pulling it and arranging pickup/delivery