View Full Version : Lake Pleasant to Crown King 3/07/04 Trip Report & pics

03-10-2004, 08:08 AM
Hi all:

Well, our trip started out with a bit of confusion. The original trip posted by Scott seems to have been closed, cancelled, or whatever with no notice or answer to my e-mail. I'll make a note. Anyway I reposted the trip and four of us signed up to meet where the pavement turns to dirt on Castle Hot Springs Road at 9:30 to leave at 10:00. Three of us were there as we watched several jeeps go by without stopping shortly after 9:30. We tried to contact them on CB with no results thinking they were the first trip posted as the three of us had no idea where to go. We left the meeting place a few minutes early in hopes of catching the earlier jeeps to no avail. We were on the right track when Wayne C. our fourth and Louis D. an early mourning signup caught up with us, (they drive fast).

Turns out they were just the two we needed to make this trip a great one. Both Wayne and Louis have been running this trail for years so Wayne became our leader and Louis did a great job spotting for everyone and we became an offical run with one CJ, two Rubi's, a TJ and a Cherokee.

We played on all the hard spots and didn't bother with the bypass routes. Lunch was at Fort Misery but no misery for us, the weather was great with just enough mud puddles to get Shawn's face dirty. The trail didn't seem that busy and after a stop at the Oro Belle we headed up the hill. One more stop for pics of the scenery which was fantastic and just a few more miles for that burger and beer. Those last few miles get kinda long with all the same ol rocks and Kathy and I were slowly bouncing along with Mike in front of us and the rest of the group kinda going faster. We remarked on the CB that we felt like orphans and couldn't see how they could go that fast on these rocks. A few minutes later as we rounded a bend to a snowy spot in the pines, snowballs flew and we were ambushed by our own running mates.

Finally, that burger and beer. It was sad to see the burned out bar there but they are rebuilding. Louis had some broken linkage on the Cherokee and took care of it at Crown King so he could make it down the hill. We left Crown King in time to make the freeway just before dark.

What a great trip, no major damage, no one got hurt, and wonderful people that will go on my list to wheel with again anytime.

Please let me know if any of you post pictures or just send them to my e-mail. My pictures are posted on Webshots @ http://community.webshots.com/user/katvans

There are two albums for this trip, one great pic of Shawn lifting the left front (see expression on young brother-in-law's face).

As always, these pics are available in full size for anyone who would like to print.

See you all on the next trip.