View Full Version : An unfortunate event...

08-12-2009, 06:55 PM
I thought I already posted this...so for some reason it was deleted. When I lost all of my guns in a terrible boating accident...I was able to save my pets. Most of them had pfd's on.

I'll get some pics up later, but we have 1 American Bulldog, 2 Boston Terriers, 2 carpet sharks (aka ferrets), 2 bearded dragons, 2 African Fat-Tail geckos, 1 California Kingsnake, 1 gerbil (rescued), 1 mouse (too big for snake to eat), an assortment of scorpions that my youngest daughter has recently decided to harvest from the backyard, and 2 worthless felines.

Admission is $5 for children under 12 accompanied by an adult or older sibling. Seniors are half-price, but may be eaten by worthless felines.

08-12-2009, 07:08 PM
Nice job on the pet save!

I used to have a beardy. I'll have to post pics up later.
Long ago I had two ferrets. Hysterical pets.
And, we have a cat also, but I typically don't mention it because well....it's a cat. I have horrible allergies, but my daughter loves him. If he would just keep his mouth shut and not tear up my carpet I wouldn't mind him.